State University Packs the Pants of 'Pride' Students With Prosthetic Penises

The benefits of a college education have evolved, and one recent addition really sticks out.

At the University of North Texas (UNT), students who identify as the opposite of their sex can partake of pro-trans provisions: The public college’s Pride Alliance boasts an OUTfits Clothing Closet. Here’s a description from the Division of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access:


OUTfits Clothing Closet is a donation-based resource that provides gender-affirming clothing and accessories, free of charge. … It is open year-round to all UNT students.

Affirmation was once considered something adults, and even children, had to find on their own…if ever it might be found. But these days, we’re told it’s what all human beings deserve — at least ones belonging to select identity groups.

One of those groups: individuals who come out of the gender-identity closet. Via a chain of enlightened events, UNT engineered a way for them to go back in:

In summer 2014, the Trans and Intersex Alliance of Denton (TRIAD), a student organization on campus, met with Kathleen Hobson, the new student services coordinator for the Pride Alliance. TRIAD had been saving clothes for a few months to create a clothing-swap event for trans students. In order to make gender-affirming clothing available to students year-round, the Pride Alliance purchased a small rolling closet and started accepting clothing and monetary donations from the community. … This was the beginning of the OUTfits Clothing Closet.

In September 2020, the Dean of Students gifted an additional storage unit to the Pride Alliance, which allowed OUTfits to expand into its own, fully functional space for the first time. OUTfits was able to incorporate more shelving and racks, which led to an expansion of accessories and personal care products.


With what, exactly, is the closet filled? That would be clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, bras, bra inserts, (new) socks, (new) underwear, makeup, and “personal care products.”

Also offered: breast binders, to downplay curvaceous assets considered liabilities by trans-identifying females.

Perhaps most pointedly, for females hoping to procure pants-filling “packers,” OUTfits’ big bell of benevolence resonantly rings. dangles details surrounding the thunderous dong:

The term “packing” refers to the process of adding a packer to one’s crotch to create a bulge and achieve the look and feel of having a penis. … Some trans people pack to create a bulge for safety reasons while others may pack for aesthetics. … Some people pack while swimming or in the locker room, when wearing jockstraps, swimsuits, or just underwear, while others have realistic medical prosthetics that can be affixed to the skin for both day-to-day wear and while sleeping. … For some transgender and/or nonbinary people, their packer isn’t just a thing to take on and off, but rather an extension of their own body.

Binders, closets, and packers are all the contemporary rage:


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If you’re interested in donating to OUTfits, the program accepts pillows for man-identifying females who’ve recently had their breasts removed. Also welcome: “SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lamps” to perk up transitioners down in the dumps.

Back to packers, Folx Health notes a panoply of pretend penises:

The most common styles of packers are soft packers, hard packers (or pack-and-play prosthetics), STPs (stand-to-pee devices), and three-in-one packers. Packers can range anywhere from $10 to over $100. Packers can come circumcised or uncircumcised, depending on your preference.

For a long time, college was a land of backpacks. But nothing stays the same, and America’s public education apparatus has advanced to frontpacks.




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