San Francisco School District Tells Kids They May Be 'Lesbi-Flexible' and Prefer the Pronoun 'It'

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If you ever wanted to live a secret life apart from your parents, you should’ve been born later and attended the San Francisco Unified School District.

City Journal has obtained October 2021 documents revealing the district’s provisions for students to live very different lives outside their homes.


The district tells elementary schoolers they may not “feel like a boy or a girl” and can identify as “non-binary” and use “they” pronouns.

For the older kids, flexibility is favored:

For secondary students, the district teaches that they can be part of the “bisexual umbrella” and identify as “fluid,” “pansexual,” “omnisexual,” “hetero-, homo-, lesbi-curious,” “hetero-, homo-, lesbi-flexible,” and “queer.”

According to the documents, K-5 students are provided a worksheet for gender transitions. It directs the children to choose their names and pronouns. And it makes clear such information can be kept from parents.

A few of the questions:

  • What is your official name?
  • What name would you like me to call you in class?
  • What name would you like me to use with your grown-ups?
  • Would you like me to call you a boy, a girl, or something else?

But what if a child is neither a “he,” a “she,” or a “they”? As relayed by City Journal, the kid may just be an “it”:

The district…released a guide on students who use “it” pronouns, explaining to teachers that “we are increasingly seeing students using the pronoun ‘it’” at school.

Per the school, trans people have long been around; and they’ve historically been insulted with “it.”

Now it’s time for comeuppance:


The guidebook explains that using “it” as a pronoun “has a long history being used as a slur to dehumanize trans and gender non-conforming folks” but functions as a gender-identity version of the “n-word,” which was “reclaimed” by African-Americans. The guidebook recommends that teachers discuss “it” pronoun usage with their students but ultimately recommends that teachers “affirm their right to use whatever pronoun feels right to them.”

Starting in sixth grade — via supportive “Q Groups” — schools may “connect students to mental health professionals and clinics that offer gender-affirming health services.”

It’s remarkable how far American schooling has come from the cemented thing it remained for centuries. Until just recently, there was no implementation of sexual identity in public education. Now such appears to be primary part. Academia and culture have shifted so much that a school fully founded on LGBT identity was recently launched — in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Not long ago, young children simply studied reading, writing, and arithmetic. And at recess, they might play tag. These days, the game wouldn’t mean the same: “Tag — you’re ‘IT.'”



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