K-12 Teachers Wear QR Codes Promoting Sex Work, Sex Secrets, and the Abortion of 'Pregnancy Tissue'

When you were growing up, did your school district support sex work? Some current kids will one day be able to answer that question affirmatively.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the National Education Association promotes a program called “I’m Here.”


From Nea-LGBTQC.org:

The NEA-LGBTQ+ Caucus, in order to eliminate institutional discrimination, homophobia, and transphobia, monitors and participates in the development of NEA policies and activities, provides resources and fosters better communication among educators, students, and communities.

The Caucus invites educators to join and subsequently sport their “I’m Here” badges:

All memberships receive a badge as part of their membership packet. By wearing [it], you tell everyone that you are a safe person with whom to discuss LGBTQ+ issues.

Per modern sensibilities, disagreement is dangerous and “safe” is supportive:

Affirming LGBTQ+ youth couldn’t be easier than by identifying yourself as a safe and supportive person.

The badge declares, “Safe Person, Safe Space” and invites people to scan its displayed QR code “to learn more.” It’s being worn by participating K-12 teachers in Ohio’s Hilliard City School District, and parents aren’t happy with what’s on offer to be learned.

Peeved parent Lisa Chafee explained to Columbus’s ABC 6:

“[The QR code] takes you to a website that has extremely inappropriate information. And as a parent, that crosses the line.”

WSYX reached out to the district; no one would show their face:


The district says the intent of the badge is a message of safety and inclusion for all students. … Nobody from the district would answer our questions on camera, but the superintendent sent us a statement reading, in part, “Teachers were reminded that the resources linked to the QR code were for adult learning only. Teachers were reminded that, if asked about the ‘I’m Here’ message on the badge, their response should be age appropriate.”

Then why are teachers wearing the badges while instructing children?

Concerning the connected content, The Washington Free Beacon has more:

One link from the online [LGBTQ+ resource guide] encourages children to seek…resources without their parents’ approval.

“LGBTQIA+ students should be respected, affirmed, and protected in…schools, even if they do not have the full support of their parents or guardians,” says “Free to Be Me: A Toolkit to Protect LGBTQIA+ Students’ Rights.”

And advice is on hand for those with a penchant for prostitution:

Another link in the guide takes students to a post called “Organize Like a Sex Worker: Learning from Worker and Organizer Kate Adamo.” The post says recognizing that “sex work is work” is “critical to ensuring the reproductive and sexual liberation of everyone.” Kate Adamo, the “sex worker” interviewed in the post, compared “transphobia or homophobia (to) being anti-abortion, or anti-sex work” to eugenics.

Sex workers “face stigma, judgment, and pushback from both the Christian right, and sex work exclusionary feminists (SWERFs) on the Left,” Adamo said.


Another linked element is titled “Sex Acts That Don’t Get Enough Play.”

Additionally, there’s talk of doctors and their assignments:

The resource guide also provides a handbook to help minors understand their gender identities, which says “sex assignment does not take into account one’s true gender identity.”

“Your true gender may be different than the gender that a doctor assigned you, which is perfectly normal, valid, and wonderful,” the handbook reads.

It’s surprising how quickly education has been replaced — or, how suddenly the term has been redefined. Not long ago, school was a place to learn the three R’s. It seems we’re headed toward three X’s.

Parent Lisa misses outdated America:

“Our message is simple: Focus on academics. Our kids need to be prepared that, when they graduate, they’re able to compete on the world stage.”

And she questions why wearing a Gay-Lesbian-Trans badge should distinguish the safe from the unsafe:

“I think every teacher should be safe to go to discuss any issue a student might have. They should not have to identify themselves as ‘safe.'”

It’s truly a new day in American academia. And if all the NEA’s sex advice goes wrong, the Free Beacon notes one more subject covered by the Safe Space badges:


[An investigation] found that the QR code takes students to resources that describe abortion as the removal of “pregnancy tissue.”



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