Sunny Hostin Gives Us Tips on How to Spot Toxic Femininity

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Sunny Hostin joins the ranks of Jada Pinkett-Smith and Amber Heard in the Toxic Femininity category. It’s not like most of the Hosts Harpies of The View couldn’t easily fall into this category, but Hostin straight up confirmed her membership on Wednesday’s show.


During a portion of the “Hot Topics” segment, Hostin recounted a story about what she did to her then-boyfriend, now husband, allegedly in the name of love.

SUNNY: When you really care about someone, you can’t be held responsible for how you possibly act because that’s love.

WHOOPI: I feel there’s a story coming on.

SUNNY: Manny hung up the phone from me. I went over to his house, and I let myself in. And we were dating. And I took all of his phones out of every room and I took his answering machine ’cause this was back in the day, And I bundled them all up, and I put them on University Parkway in Maryland and I let all the cars run over all of his phones.

GUEST HOST: So what you’re telling us is that Manny is still with you as a petrified hostage.

SUNNY: I think if you have that type of poor phone etiquette, you don’t need phones.



What was even more amazing is that people in the audience applauded this Fatal Attraction behavior.

BOOM Jim Rockford. You are so right. If this had been a male, most females would have been screaming about “Toxic Masculinity,” and injecting all types of pop psychology assessments about this scary behavior.

But because this scary behavior was exhibited by Hostin? Why, that’s just what you do for love.

Queue, A Chorus Line.


What Hostin said at the beginning of the bite was particularly interesting.

“When you really care about someone, you can’t be held responsible for how you possibly act, because that’s love.”

Sound familiar? Remember Will Smith’s tortured Oscar acceptance speech after the infamous “Slap?” It was a convoluted jumble, but in part he said this:

Art imitates life. I look like the crazy father, just like they said. I look like the crazy father just like they said about Richard Williams. But love will make you do crazy things.


Sounds like Hostin is channeling Smith almost verbatim. However, on the March 28 episode of The View, when the Hosts Harpies were relitigating the Academy Awards’ wild night, Hostin had this to say about Will Smith’s behavior:

“I was embarrassed for Will. I was horrified for Chris Rock.


“I think Will was immature, I think Will was childish, and I think he was violent.”

What happened to, “you can’t be held responsible for how you act because that’s just love?”

Of course, one has to wonder about Emmanuel “Manny” Hostin’s judgment. Even after that incident that Sunny Hostin so unemotionally related, Manny Hostin still chose to marry her.

Guess my mother was right: It takes all kinds to make a world.

Hostin has done many men a favor here. Along with her sisters in toxicity: Jada Pinkett-Smith and Amber Heard, she’s given a view into Toxic Femininity and how to spot it.

So gentlemen, in my best Sean Connery accent, “here lieth the lesson:”

You may be a victim of Toxic Femininity if…

  • the woman’s reaction(s) to any relational mess up is over the top. Hanging up on someone does not quantify destroying all their communication devices. In Heard’s case, the same goes with pooping in your own bed. Ewww.
  • the woman needs to teach You a lesson concerning your deficiencies: “I think if you have that type of poor phone etiquette, you don’t need phones,” Hostin said. It’s like she was dealing with her teenage child, rather than her relational equal.
  • the woman you’re in a relationship with is told that you are her “petrified hostage,” and the woman doesn’t deny it. Maybe it’s a sign that it’s time for you to quietly slip away and go into the witness protection program.

Women, share this lesson with your men. Men, share the lesson with your fellow man. And maybe secretly forward it Messrs. Depp, Smith, and Hostin.


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