Newly Transgender-Friendly Miss Universe Pageant Bombs



If a man really wants to wear a dress, I think he should — everyone should present themself however they want. You only have one life; live it. What happens as a result, also for freedom’s sake, shouldn’t be controlled by the government. If you’re a guy and you want to wear a top hat and paint your face blue, or high heels and paint your lips red, go for it. And let everyone respond the way they wish, just as you dressed according to yours. That seems fair to me.


As I covered previously, a man named Angela Ponce dressed in women’s casual evening wear, and Spain’s farm league to the Miss Universe pageant responded by awarding him the title (please see here).


Therefore, on Sunday, Misster Spain went toe-to-toe with women, vying for that mega-desirable title as Most Beautiful Woman in the Universe.

Okay; it’s their show, and they should do as they please. And he should go for the gold.

But if I may say so, we live in a sad universe if a man is the most beautiful woman in it.

If a chick can’t be a better chick than can a dude, something’s gone terribly awry with chicks — they really need to up their game.

Something else went awry, in the terrible ratings of Sunday night’s broadcast.

The pageant — which, for the first time this year, allowed men to enter — stunk up the joint with 4.19 million viewers. That’s 300,000 fewer than last year.

To put it in perspective, the Fox show was beaten by an ABC broadcast of Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. Given the fact that the now-man-friendly Miss U features a swimsuit competition, maybe some viewers were less fearful of Mary Poppins and more afraid of Hairy Pop-out. But I could be wrong.

The program also received fewer than a third of the audience for CBS’s 60 Minutes.


Did the show’s move into political activism hurt its appeal? Did the fact that the contest is now co-ed damage the whole concept? Do most viewers even know that a man was in the midst?

Maybe not. Maybe #MeToo is to thank/blame. Or perhaps the culture is irrespectively changing, and people aren’t looking to beauty as a way of determining the quality of a woman. In a world filled with butt-kicking hundred-pound female movie characters who regularly punch 200-pound men across the room, maybe a competition for “prettiest” just isn’t en vogue.

Whatever the case, given the poor performance of Miss Universe, Miss America’s detrimental deletion of a swimsuit competition (here), and Playboy’s failed attempt at a non-nude nudie magazine, this generation is proving too woke for the wiles of sexy ladies. And yet, they must’ve all been asleep during Miss Universe. As they have been for all the other things that pretend to be improvements and yet aren’t.

Oh, and for anyone wondering: Angela couldn’t quite snag the win; that honor went to Miss Philipines, Catriona Gray.



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