Mother-in-Law Orders Daughter's Husband to Strip Naked, Finds out He's a Woman

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If your life ever leads to your mom demanding your husband strip naked, one way or another, something’s gone considerably wrong.

Such was the recently reported case for a young Indonesian.


As relayed by the New York Post, a woman identified as “NA” was on the Tantan dating app last year. While fishing in the online sea, she hooked a man named Ahnaf Arrafif.

Ahnaf was quite the catch: He’d graduated in New York and become a coal industry entrepreneur. Not too shabby…for a neurologist.

Multi-profession Ahnaf was on the market and seriously shopping; he’d recently converted to Islam and was seeking a wife.

In May, the pair met for dates. And before July’s end, they tied the knot.

But there was an administrative kink: Ahnaf lacked his legal documents. Per The Mirror, a “nikah siri” arrangement was made. This meant the couple’s covenant would remain unrecognized by law; nonetheless, it was a marriage religiously sealed.

The newlyweds moved in with NA’s parents, and some things stood out as strange. Despite Ahnaf having a crackerjack career, the man kept asking for money.

And for a doctor and successful businessman, his schedule was wildly wide-open.

Additionally, Ahnaf hadn’t introduced NA to his family.

Amid those soap opera-ish circumstances, there was a cleaning quirk: If anyone else was in the house, Ahnaf would bathe while wearing his clothes.

Yet, intimacy wasn’t impeded: Per the Post, across 10 months, the duo “frequently ‘had sex.'”

Everyone has their Dos and Don’ts:

NA admitted to being intimate with her spouse during their marriage, saying she believed they had engaged in penetrative intercourse.

However, she admitted that she was asked “not to look directly at [Ahnaf’s] genitals” and that her “eyes were covered with a cloth” whenever things turned steamy.

NA also alleged that [Ahnaf] would only get naked with the lights off, so that sex was had “in a state of blackout,” reports.


Over time, NA’s mother grew suspicious — why didn’t Ahnaf attend to his occupations?

And what were those bumps on his chest — was it a hormonal problem, as he’d claimed?

Mom tried to find legal information on him, and when that failed, she demanded something stark.

In April, she ordered her son-in-law to show himself where the sun doesn’t shine.

And a son didn’t shine.

From The Sun:

It wasn’t until NA’s mother demanded Ahnaf strip to prove he was a man that Ahnaf revealed he was actually a woman named Erayani and that she had lied about everything, including her job.

Prior to the reveal, the couple had moved to Erayani’s house; marital bliss hadn’t ensued.

Coconuts Jakarta reports:

To avoid the in-laws’ scrutiny, [Ahnaf] took NA away to Lahat, South Sumatra. There, she was mostly locked up in a house for months and prohibited from interacting with anyone, including calling her parents, while [Ahnaf] had access to her finances. She also claimed that she survived a murder attempt when AA told her to jump into a river despite knowing that she can’t swim.

Now Erayani’s swimming in deep trouble.

In all, NA said she and her family were scammed out of IDR300 million (US$20,227) during the “marriage.” …

NA’s parents reported [Erayani] to the authorities for educational record fraud, which may be the first of many charges against her and for which she may face up to 10 years in prison. The trial for that lawsuit is ongoing at the Jambi District Court.


NA told the Tribun News such an ordeal has rendered her rattled:

“I’m still scared. I’m shaking when I go out.”

It seems the 22-year-old has learned a lesson, and it’s something we’d all do well to observe: An old saying advises, “You should never judge a book by its cover.” But if that book has boobs and never goes to work, it might not be a male neurologist.



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