University Eyes Forcing Students/Staff to Use Preferred Pronouns, Giving Everyone Access to Girls' Locker Rooms

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Some of you may recall the rules in your college dorms — access by the opposite sex was officially limited.

But limits are old-school, and these days, it’s more difficult to separate men and women — many can’t even say what a woman is.


Therefore, things are getting hairy at the University of Toledo. The school’s lack of clarity over what divides us may soon usher in unprecedented togetherness.

As reported by Campus Reform, the school’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion has proposed a new policy that will operate on “gender inclusive practices.”

If approved, students will get to live in whatever sort of residence hall suits their self-perception.

Access to the women’s locker rooms will be provided to all who possess penises.

From the policy:

Students, faculty, and staff have the right to use facilities that match their gender identity and/or gender expression, including but not limited to: restrooms, locker rooms, and residence halls.

The school had already allowed attendees to go by “chosen” names on diplomas, but the new plan would let them dictate their identities in “instances where legal name is required within University Systems.”

If it passes, all students and staff will additionally be required to refer to students by whatever made-up moniker they prefer. The same will go for preferred pronouns.

The policy may have been removed from the school website but can be viewed in archived form here.

Speaking to Campus Reform, Jackson Shinske, president of the UT chapter of Young America’s Foundation, called to safety:

“The university shouldn’t be putting people in a position like that. How can parents feel safe sending their daughters to a school that allows males to enter into their locker rooms?”


It doesn’t seem physical security any longer moves the needle among the social Left. They appear much more concerned about protection from opposing ideas.

Consider the 2016 refrain during Ben Shapiro’s appearance at the University of Wisconsin:

So if you’re a biological male identifying as a woman, you may be less of a perceived threat in the girls’ shower room than you are if you identify as a conservative.

As for the notion of “gender,” it’s come an impressively long way. First, it was a grammatical term. Then, an alternative word for “sex.” Then, a form of self-identity, apart from what a person ultimately is. Now, if I understand correctly, we’ve come full circle: “Gender” is again used interchangeably with “sex,” yet now, the word denotes an individual’s actuality. “Sex” has been demoted; “gender” is now the boss.

Apropos of changing times, many a male college student would’ve loved to enter women’s facilities in the past. If only they hadn’t born in the wrong era.

If we’ve gone from Porky’s and Revenge of the Nerds to our current “inclusion” in only 40 years, how might universities look in 2060?

Maybe something like this:


Nevermind; that’s now.



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