California University's 'Womxn's Center' Worries Blind People Won't Know It's Spelled That Way

Paul Sakuma

UC Irvine loves women, but the school refuses to spell it like that. Yet despite its best efforts, the college has encountered quite the conundrum.

University of California, Irvine is so pro-woman, it’s even established a special center. In the world of wokeness, “X” marks the spot; hence, the Womxn’s Center for Success.


The Center’s website lays out a Timeline of the Word Womxn:

  • 1975: The word ‘womyn’ appeared. Womyn appeared in the issue of Lesbian Connection Magazine announcing the Wolf Creek Womyn’s Festival (’75 – 15′)
  • 1976+: Various organizations & publications start to use ‘womyn’ spelling. *Womyn’s Festival organizers indicated that attendants must be “womyn-born-womyn” the word ‘womyn’ came about to be seen as a clean white, liberal-feminist transphobic concept.
  • 2010: Womxn shows up in intersectional spaces. Start to see womxn brought up in intersectional feminist spaces.
  • 2016: WOMXN’S MARCH SEATTLE USES ‘X.’ In late 2016, Womxn’s March Seattle took its name using the x, becoming a beacon for inclusivity. Around the same time, award-winning poet, Koleka Putuma, published with the first poem titled, “Growing Up Black and a Womxn.”
  • 2016: WOMXN’S HUB WAS CREATED. Founded through the collaboration of staff in the Cross Cultural Center. Need was assessed and a name was picked to reflect the community and its values.
  • 2019: Womxn adopted into The definition reads: noun, plural wom·xn [wim-in].
    a woman (used, especially in intersectional feminism, as an alternative spelling to avoid the suggestion of sexism perceived in the sequences m-a-n and m-e-n, and to be inclusive of trans and nonbinary women).

The “X,” the Center says, “creates a space for women and femme folks that aren’t cis women, meaning it tells people that ALL women-identifying people are being included and addressed. This is a helpful distinction especially when certain spaces align with white feminists and/or trans exclusionary radical feminist (TERF) ideology.”


The Womxn’s Center offers a variety of services. For one, undergraduates can join the Sad Girls Club. Prepare for a utopia of people with vulvas emoting unrelentingly:

The Sad Girls Club at UCI Facebook group was created with the intention to normalize ALL the emotions we feel as humans (the good, bad, sad, and happy). Our goal is to create a safe virtual space for those who want to share about their everyday experiences without societal judgment. This community is full of warmth, support, care, love, and storytelling from all members.

There’s also the We Rise Ambassador Program, created in 2020 for “students who are passionate about the work of the Womxn’s Center for Success and who want to share the stories of womxn rising at UCI.” Participants will “create meaningful community connections as they engage in deep critical conversations and reflections.”

The Center also equips womxn and the womxn-identifying with snacks, tampons, and lube:

The center focuses on womxn-specific needs and ideas through educational workshops, trainings, personal development, and community building. The space is open and affirming to all who believe in the strength of womxn, womxn-identified persons, and all allies.

Free resources the Womxn’s Center for Success provides includes:

  • Menstruation products
  • Scantrons
  • Blue books
  • FRESH Hub Snacks
  • Tea and hot chocolate
  • STI prevention items
  • Lubricant
  • Feminist literature library
  • Children’s clothes closet

But as for the actual word “womxn,” the Center has a worry. The enormous social-justice effort could be foiled by phonics:

How Do I Pronounce Womxn?

By being still new to the mainstream, there is not one particular pronunciation of this word.

Most pronounce it like they are saying “woman” or “women,” but spell the singular and plural with the “x.” However, this raises the question if that actually is truly inclusive…

The plan to implode sexism with spelling might have been short-sighted:

[M]embers of the blind community may be left out if there is no audible way for them to hear this distinction.

Maybe the socially conscious can simply say it strangely:

Others prefer to say it as “wom-inx” or “woma/en-x,” or “wom-ux.” These ways can bring attention to “womxn” when talking verbally to someone about and opens up more dialogue about linguistics.

We’re living in an era of colossal concern. If I adequately understand, gender ideology highly emphasizes appearance: Whereas we were initially told “gender is a social construct,” that edict appears to have been wholly recalled. These days, if a male adolescent prefers to wear dresses, she should possibly have her penis removed; if a man feels like a woman, she must be able to wear makeup and skirts. And womxn at the Womxn’s Center for Success are looking out for the inclusion of those who cannot see our progress.


For any visually-impaired persons extraordinarily affected by the look of letters, care is being taken as well.

Despite a desire to disassociate from anything resembling “men,” the Womxn’s Center for Success has found itself in a pickle. But those in charge will surely find their way to Sucess — for womxn-identifying humxn beings everywhere.



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