The Universe's Premiere Pageant Tells You How Not to Talk About Periods

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Looking out over the American landscape, certain needs seem clear. If you’ve determined one is the mixing of beauty queens and menstruation, this story is for you.


The Miss Universe institution is going to bat for bleeding — the monthly, feminine type. But it doesn’t want you to make that distinction. The organization’s Twitter account recently posted advocacy for “inclusive” labeling of bloody and mucosal vaginal discharge.

A monthly remodeling of one’s uterine lining seems an unusual topic for a “beauty” pageant. But perhaps these are unusual times.

And maybe you don’t know how to talk, period.

Miss Universe sets a sash on what’s especially important:

Inclusive language is important, especially when speaking about periods.

Don’t imagine Aunt Flow as a female-favoring guest:

Thinking menstrual health is only a niche topic for women excludes transgender, non-binary and gender-nonconforming people who have periods from the conversation.

Does anyone aggressively care to be included in that convo? Evidently, yes.

Miss U. lays down the law on language:

How to Talk About Periods

Say This: Reproductive Health
Not This: Women’s Health


Say This: People Who Have Periods
Not This: Women Who Have Periods

In the past, people were thought to be free agents who should speak as they chose. But an era of guidance is upon us.

Directives aim to save us from ourselves:

Host of School’s Free Speech Event Issues Language Guide Prohibiting ‘Man,’ ‘Woman,’ and ‘Mother’


Top College — and Former Female Seminary — Tells Science Professors to Never Say ‘Woman’ or ‘Female’

University Orders Adherence to Preferred Pronouns and Made-Up Monikers, Threatens ‘Action’ Regardless of ‘Intent’

American Medical Association Wokes Up, Cancels Terms Such as ‘Morbidly Obese’ and ‘Inmates’

Breastfeeding Academy Bails on ‘Breasts’

MSNBC Warns That Free Speech On Twitter Would Be a ‘Danger’ to Free Speech

Back to the galaxy’s preferred pageant, if you’ve ever been on the cusp of calling to that which fills a sanitary napkin or gives a tampon weight — or any other thing in the universe — and you’ve paused with, “What would an international beauty contest advise?” you’re in cotton-picking luck.

Miss Universe makes it clear:

Not all women menstruate, and not all people who menstruate are women.

The tweet was crowned with “#MenstrualEquity.”

One social media user pointed to something peculiar. The Miss Universe Twitter account describes itself thusly:

@MissUniverse exists to advocate for a future forged by women with courage to push the limits of what’s possible.


But don’t assume those future-forging women onstage — dressed in sequins and crying while they win yet smiling if they lose — are bleeding.

Perhaps that’s best, even if language isn’t important.

Either way, in 2022, womxn’s health is Priority One. For too long, we’ve dined on a diet of ignorance. With enlightenment, it’s a brand new day.

Wokeness: It’s what’s for breakfast…



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