Professor Tells Audience We're 'Dying of Whiteness,' Southerners Choose Death Over Helping Black People

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If you’re looking for something to promote, you’re not likely to find much support if you choose whiteness. From a slew of headlines over the past couple years, one can deduce the pale quality is a planetary curse. And a teacher at Vanderbilt University agrees.


As reported by The College Fix, Professor Jonathan Metzl recently traveled Cornell University to deliver a speech called “Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment Shaped the American Pandemic.”

It calls to his book, Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment Is Killing America’s Heartland.

Why pen such a thing? Because, as explained to the audience, he wanted to issue a “warning” to white Republicans.

“Dying of Whiteness is a book about really the health effects of undermining public trust in institutions, in infrastructure, in expertise, in forms of knowledge.”

To hear Jonathan tell it, there are “ways” to be white:

“When I say whiteness, I don’t mean there are some genetics or biology of whiteness, there are many different ways of being white.”

That’s not wholly unheard of. After all, according to the President, there are ways of being black:

Jonathan — a self-proclaimed “race scholar” — told attendees groups such as the Tea Party and Freedom Caucus are “racialized movements.”

Such organizations making us gun-toting separatists:

“The Tea Party took over, the anti-tax party took over…what happened was, when you start defunding stuff, taking money out of stuff…communal spaces [are removed]. These are the places where community members learn about one another. If you defund these public spaces and you also flood a lot of guns into the zone, all of a sudden people stop engaging with one another.”


And “staunch” members of the GOP, he claims, were supportive of socialized healthcare — until they figured out it was going to help poorer people or black people.

“All of a sudden, these Obama witch care doctor racist posters started showing up at Tea Party rallies.”

If you’re from the south, Jonathan’s got your number. And there are three routine slogans used to lead dummies such as yourself:

  • Government intrusion into your lives
  • Affront on your freedom and liberty
  • Black people are going to cut in line to take resources meant for you

Being that Jonathan himself lives in Tennessee, it must be terrible being surrounded by sinister simpletons.

But it’s only the white people, as observed by the Fix:

While poor black men would support [Obamacare] because it would help society and keep costs down, poor white men would oppose it, Metzl said.

Here’s your thinking, as approximated by the professor:

“I know this program might help me…but I’m not going to join a system that’s going to benefit undeserving others…undeserving immigrants or minorities.”

To sum it up:

He added that he saw people dying of “real, biological illness” and an “untreated medical illness” but also they were dying of whiteness.

The Vanderbilt man recalled how you believed you were special because you were white:


“They were also dying of an ideology, an ideology that told them there were privileges due to them as white Americans.”

According to the culture, you are special — ‘specially bad.

Cases in point:

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And speaking of dying due to whiteness:

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There was a time when most things were white — television, movies, voting booths. But America saw beyond that and ushered in a more unified society. And for many years, we were taught to be colorblind.

There’s now been a reversal, and race is the make of a man:

Where whites are concerned, it’s a monstrous make, indeed:


Just ask your kids — they’ll tell ya.

But if they don’t learn it while they’re young, Professor Jonathan is there to take up the slack.



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