Catholic University Speaker Calls for Christians to 'Crucify Their Whiteness'

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At Carlow University recently, attendees were taught a lesson in death-to-self.

The Catholic college’s Atkins Center for Ethics welcomed speaker Miguel De La Torre.


Miguel — a professor of social ethics and Latinx studies at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver — denounced Christians who voted for Donald Trump:

“When eight out of ten white evangelicals voted for a person who is completely against everything Christianity stands for, I don’t know what Christianity they are practicing. But I want nothing to do with that Christianity.”

With which Christianity does he wish to associate? Presumably, the one committed to certain racial justice — March 3rd’s event was called “Rejecting White Christianity.”

And on the table lay not only rejection, but death upon a cross.

If you’re white, he made clear, don’t worry; there’s still hope:

“Those of us who are colored, some of us can also be white. But the good news is there is salvation. … We [who are colored] have to crucify our colonized minds, and for our white brothers and sisters, they need to crucify their whiteness.”

It’s a novel idea. Normally, Christian optimism comes courtesy of Christ’s crucifixion. But Miguel sees another nailing necessary.

But even if it’s done, he made clear, don’t get your hopes up:

“We embrace Euro-centric concepts like hope because it helps to pacify the oppressed during their oppression. It leads to spiritual liberation, and ignores physical liberation.”

The man’s not much for the middle; The College Fix reports:

He called hope “a middle-class excuse to do nothing.”


Go prosper in hopelessness:

De La Torre argued that true character — understanding systemic oppression — produces hopelessness. He concluded his talk by urging the audience to realize that “embracing hopelessness is to be propelled forward into practice and action.”

Purportedly, he also lifted up lying and stealing:

Action for De La Torre means using what he called a “trickster ethic” to transform society.

The ethic covers things like “how to ethically lie so we can discover what is true, how to ethically steal so we can feed those who are hungry…[and] how to disrupt the structures that have trained us to oppress ourselves and to take upon our body our own discipline,” he said.

“This empire was built on stolen resources and cheap labor,” De La Torre said. “So hospitality is really the wrong word. What we need is restitution…By seeing this dilemma through the eyes of the margin, we come to a very different understanding of what the Christian response should be.”

Back to The Old Rugged Racial Justice, I have news for Miguel: He and his message are too late.

The best I can tell, whiteness is already being crucified:

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We’re living in unprecedented times. All things have become political, and everything is now racial. The American Christian church was once segregated, but it seemed to have learned its lesson.

Might the nation’s founding faith see a return to separation by race? If culture continues to inform religion, it doesn’t appear out of the question.

In the meantime, at least once Catholic University is endorsing an act of contrition — surrender yourself, and kill your unchristian whiteness.



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