Extremely White College Professor Fights the Lie — and 'Disease' — of Whiteness

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Do you have a disease?

If so, what is it — diabetes, cancer…whiteness?

All three are errant conditions damaging an organism.

At least, that’s the message of a lecturer at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.


During a virtual panel in November, Charles Egerton waxed on whitey and how to whack him.

As noted by The College Fix, the former corporate photographer recently earned his Ph.D.

Its focus: Peace and Conflict Studies.

So how do we attain peace in America? Maybe the first step toward health is a proper diagnosis.

Hence, the good doctor helmed UNCG’s “Common Threads: Attacks on Critical Race Theory: Centering Whiteness” discussion.

According to the video’s YouTube description, a team of experts “unpacked four central myths and attacks being used by political and social opponents that seek to demonize and misrepresent Critical Race Theory and center whiteness.”

So far as I can tell, being white is a racist doctrine:

Whiteness is defined as a false ideology that infects people of light skin which in turn supports a system of white supremacy and anti-Black racism.

Before the academics got on with the business of pummeling the problematically pale, they decried robbery and murder.


More than an acknowledgment of land theft: How do we honor all our relations, our ancestors, those who were decimated, and those who continue to suffer in colonization’s holocaust?

Charles offered, “[E]very spot of the land that we’re on in this country and this continent has been stolen.”

Then they just kept on truckin’ on their immorally-employed acreage.

The panel observed Critical Race Theory’s four tenets:

  • Race is a social construction
  • Individuals can be racist, but racism is perpetuated on a societal and structural level
  • Racism is commonplace (normal) rather than rare (abnormal)
  • Listening to and understanding the lived experiences of individuals is essential for understanding how racism works to create inequities

What’s the enemy of such statements? Maybe an American malady:

Whiteness is the overarching disease: Racism is a symptom of the disease of whiteness, white supremacy, white dominance.

Per Charles, CRT’s being assaulted by sickness:

“These attacks on Critical Race Theory are centering whiteness. So we feel that we needed to a little about what whiteness is, at least in our understanding of it. And here, this slide is basically looking at whiteness as a disease.”

The professor’s a mythbuster; put this in your pipe and smoke it:

“The social construct is false — there is no superiority of people of lighter skin. So it’s important to see it as, really, it’s a disease because it’s an attack on the truth. Whiteness is not true, in terms of what it imposes on us and our culture and our society.”

As with heroin, don’t get started on whiteness:

“And then racism is a symptom of the disease of whiteness. And that’s just saying, kind of, where it starts and where it leads to.”

Skin of course, is living tissue. But academia, industry, and government appear to have discovered that our external membrane — if it’s peachy — is this kind of alive:


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Major University Trains Its Faculty in ‘Confronting Systemic Whiteness’

Forensic Anthropologists Say ‘Cloaked’ Whiteness Soils Science, Cops Care Less About BIPOC Bones

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Unfortunately, there’s yet no cure for the disease:


For the crew at UNCG, it seems the best medicine for whiteness may be CRT.

Yet, not everyone agrees:

But perhaps Dr. Charles knows better. After all, he’s studied the human condition.

As stated on his instructor page at UNCG, he’s also trying to deliver us from manness:

His doctoral thesis is titled: Being and Becoming: A Photographic Inquiry with Bahá’í Men into Cultures of Peace. This research asked its participants to explore the masculinity most suited to peacebuilding and used a newly devised method of interview/portraiture called PhotoSophia. It produced an exhibit of eleven photographic portraits inscribed with the men’s thoughts on unlearning patriarchal masculinity and adopting a masculinity that is more feminist, humanistic, and reflective of their belief in the oneness and equality of humanity.


Life seems to have played a cruel joke: As you can see amid the (nearly all-white) panel at 1:45:00, Charles is not only a man, but very, very, very white.

Here’s to hoping for a full and feminine recovery from his disease.



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