Tea Party Patriots Foundation Launches Initiatives to Influence the 2022 Elections and Beyond

TPPF Jenny Beth Martin Launches the Election Integrity Project in Georgia. Credit: Jenny Beth Martin and Tea Party Patriots Action, used with permission

The 2022 midterms are here. With the Biden agenda producing instability instead of security, discontent instead of jobs, and inflation instead of economic prosperity, it is pivotal that conservatives fully infiltrate the process from local to national, in order to continue the fight against government overreach and draconian policies that are killing Americans and American ingenuity.


With that in mind, the Tea Party Patriots Foundation (TPPF) is already working behind the scenes to replicate its success in past elections. Its goals for 2022 are two-pronged: create election integrity task forces across the nation, and build a bench of conservative candidates who can win local and national races.

In November, TPPF President Jenny Beth Martin launched a 13-city tour of Georgia with the sole goal of discussing election integrity, how to address issues that thwart it, and to recruit citizens for an election integrity task force.

“I saw how the 2020 election left people with questions about our elections, as did the January 2021 runoff here in Georgia. If people are not confident in the integrity of our elections, then people will not vote. If people will not vote, we will lose our Republic.”

In my conversation with Martin, she discussed her plan to use already embedded election integrity leaders and activists within the states to build a framework to help citizens know the election process in their own state, who the people in charge of counting the votes and administrating the process are, and gain a full understanding of how each election is supposed to work. When this knowledge is clear, whether ballots are done manually or electronically, one can recognize when the election process is not working properly or is being manipulated.


Starting in January 2022, TPPF plans to replicate the Georgia tour in Nevada, and move into other states leading up to the 2022 election.

In light of some of the horrific votes cast by Republicans in the House to support the destruction of Americans, Martin is also partnering with American Majority to train a new class of constitutionally conservative candidates.

TPPF had the first event in Atlanta on November 20, and the next event is planned in Colorado Springs on December 4. Future events will take place in Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Ohio, and California. TPPF will host candidate training workshops in seven states between November 2021 and February 2022 to train these candidates on how to run, and how to win.

Martin released the following statement regarding the workshops:

“As we watch a full-fledged attack on our freedoms from the local level all the way to the federal level, we simply can’t depend on the current class of politicians to save us. From local School Boards allowing – and in some cases forcing – our children to learn about anti-American concepts, to city councils, mayors, and governors forcing mandates on the population that are a direct violation of our rights as free people, the time for patriots to step up and participate in government is now.”


You can find where a candidate training is occurring in your state and sign up for an event here.

To learn more about the Election Integrity Project and be alerted about an event near you, sign up on the Tea Party Patriots website.



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