Democrat Mayor Declares an 'Abortion Provider Appreciation Day,' but Flocks of the Faithful Fight Back

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Among “moderate” pro-abortion Democrats, there once existed an idea: Abortion should always be “rare.”

For years, in circles of support, a melancholy mood seemed to sit.


But we’ve traveled quickly and far. The Party of the Donkey has transformed — from moments of silence to brazen defiance.

Increasingly, Dems “shout their abortion”:

Apropos of such celebration, a Virginia Democrat leader hoped to break out the horns and balloons.

Alexandria Mayor Justin Wilson signed an order designating March 10th “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day.”

The declaration implored residents to “celebrate the courage, compassion, and the high-quality care that abortion providers and clinic staff provide.”


As noted by The Washington Post, an epic backlash ensued:

After word got out in more conservative circles, the reaction was swift. Mercedes Schlapp, a former Trump administration official, spoke out on Twitter. Mollie Hemingway, an Alexandria resident and the editor in chief of the Federalist, called it “demonic.”

In a statement, Catholic Diocese of Arlington Bishop Michael Burbidge pulled no punches:

Violence of every kind must be condemned — and abortion is a direct, violent attack on human life. Proposing a celebration of abortion and an “appreciation day” for those who destroy lives defies comprehension. The City of Alexandria should instead do the opposite. It should celebrate all those who save, protect and care for human life. It should re-direct its focus toward recognizing and supporting both mothers and their children, as so many dedicated and compassionate people in Alexandria do each day.

“I urge Alexandria residents to express their opposition to this proclamation,” he said, “and I continue to call upon all in our diocese to proclaim the Gospel of Life by word and example.”

That an exaltation of abortion could occur in the Old Dominion state is no shock.


After all, during a 2019 radio appearance, Virginia’s elected Gov. Ralph Northam — a defender of abortion during labornonchalantly spoke of murdering a birthed baby.

Even so, as relayed by The Washington Free Beacon, Mayor Justin’s holiday came to a halt.

Fr. Chris Christensen, pastor of [Arlington’s St. Rita Catholic Church], said he was appalled when his parishioners brought the mayor’s plans to his attention on Thursday. He began to spread the word immediately, and the city scrapped the plan a day later after Catholic city residents flooded the mayor’s office with calls expressing their concerns.

“I was really, really impressed with our response,” he told the outlet. “It’s the fact that our community is so family-oriented.”

Christensen said that the pushback against the mayor was a grassroots effort. Elizabeth Fitton, a mother of four, encouraged fellow parishioners from St. Rita’s to call the mayor’s office on Thursday after learning of his plan, which she called “stunning” and “alienating.”

“To be so vocal about it and take so much pride in it was just offensive,” Fitton [said].

That pride exists all over. Major cities such as Minneapolis and St. Louis already recognize the National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers.


If we continue along our current course, official abortion appreciation may soon reach an area near you.

Even so, despite our cacophonous cultural state, every now and then, a mantra resounds loud and clear. In a town on the western bank of the Potomac River recently, in the face of #ShoutYourAbortion observance…pro-life people of faith shouted back.



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