Don Jr. Calls Biden's Afghanistan Fiasco the 'Largest Hostage Situation in History'

The situation in Afghanistan is grim.

The Taliban moved quickly in, courtesy of President Biden’s abrupt withdrawal.

What’s a proper characterization of the result?


Donald Trump Jr. has a description in mind, and he laid it out on Wednesday’s installment of Hannity.

Host Sean opened the conversation thusly:

“I saw the President’s schedule today, and that was about COVID — no questions, no discussions, no updates, no plan. Nothing at all to help our fellow Americans and…the interpreters and all the people that we promised, if this day ever came, we would protect them and get them out of there. … None of that has happened.”

Don Jr. called to media’s tough coverage of Joe — defined by investigative scrutiny over his favorite flavor:

“[I]’m surprised he didn’t do the press conference from an ice cream shop…because that’s all he’s been capable of doing.”

“It’s an absolute embarrassment,” he said.

“If we have between 10- and 40,000 Americans blockaded off from an airport that our embassy — now, when we say ’embassy,’ we have to use air quotes. Because the embassy has fallen to the Taliban. So a bureaucrat from D.C. is saying they can’t guarantee their safety, but they should get there anyway. They’ve been blockaded by the Taliban. They’re trapped by a terrorist regime.”

The way Don sees it, the Commander-in-Chief has made history — in one of the worst ways possible:

“This is arguably the largest hostage situation in history.”


It’s certainly a terrifying mess.

As RedState’s Jennifer Oliver O’Connell pointed out, Christians in the region are now “under the threat of martyrdom.”

Front pager Brandon Morse observed that, due to Biden’s “failure,” “our troubles are just beginning.”

And it was a failure.


POTUS 45’s eldest son thinks he knows:

“[Biden] took my father’s plan, and he wanted to change it. Because he wanted to make it his own. He wanted to be the one to get credit. So rather than doing it in the late spring before the fighting season and using your brain and knowledge and listening to the guys that are the door kickers — not the generals that have been too busy worrying about Critical Race Theory and learning about white rage, which no one had heard of prior to last week — he didn’t. He wanted to make it his own so he could get credit.”

Joe definitely didn’t calculate correctly:


As for wokeness, Don touches on a notable development.

Our military — an institution meant for, as it’s been said, “killing people and breaking things” — has recently appeared otherwise interested:

Report: Navy Says Sailors Can Use Whichever Locker Room Suits Their Gender Identity

In the Battle for Inclusion, U.S. Navy Employs the Weapon of Interior Decorating


Military Generals Call for Increased Diversity, Encourage More Women in Combat

Air Force Forms ‘LGBTQ’ and ‘Indigenous Nations Equality’ Focus Groups, and Top-Down Changes Are Eyed

Air Force Academy Professor Defends Teaching Critical Race Theory and ‘Structural Racism’ to Cadets

U.S. Army Announces the Allowance of Lipstick, Nail Polish, and Better Breastfeeding

And you may remember this from June:

Don waxed on a world of weakening:

“[J]oe Biden got rid of all contingencies. … [The Taliban] understand strength. They understand resolve. And they look at Joe Biden, and they know he has none of those things. The man cannot walk up a flight of stairs. The man cannot get through a sentence. The man can’t answer questions from a press corp. that is effectively his marketing department… … Joe Biden can’t be bothered. He could barely be bothered to take a few minutes off his vacation while the world burns.”

And now, in Trump Jr.’s estimation — as Brandon Morse predicted — it’s the beginning of other trouble:

“[O]ur enemies…are watching. … China is chomping at the bit. Because whatever their schedule was to take over Taiwan, it just accelerated rapidly. They know — and our allies know — that America can’t be counted on to have their backs anymore because you have weak and feckless leaders like Joe Biden — empty suits, pretty much empty brains, making the decisions and/or listening to generals that have simply focused on being woke rather than doing their…jobs.”


The man isn’t a fan of mincing words.

“[I]t’s a disgrace, and it shouldn’t be happening in this country.”

He said it three different ways:

“The reality is this: As far as I am aware, Joe Biden has created the largest hostage situation, perhaps in the history of the world.”

It’s doubtlessly a disaster.

May everyone there tonight make it safely out.

That is far from guaranteed, but we can pray.



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