In the Battle for Inclusion, U.S. Navy Employs the Weapon of Interior Decorating

The war machine known as the United States Navy is fighting for our freedom — to be included.

The Daily Wire reports it’s obtained communication revealing the creation of a committee by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).


The purpose of the freshly put-together bunch: to “address the issue” of inclusion among office artwork.

Hence, it’s a “diversity and inclusion artwork working group.”

Per the emails, the catalyst occurred at a 2020 town hall.

An ONI staffer purportedly “raised a concern about how the artwork on display throughout the [National Maritime Intelligence Center] did not represent the diversity of people serving in the Navy.”

Evidently, ONI’s concerned, too.

The new art-seeking group will confer with a historian in order to “identify…artwork from the Navy History and Heritage Command’s Navy Art Collection.”

It’s also collected works which “acknowledge the contributions of Hispanic, African, and Native Americans to our Navy and the Nation.”

As I’ve previously covered, in the race for enlightenment, the Armed Forces have made a mad dash.

Cases in point:

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The Army’s recent recruitment video took a decisive turn:

Dan Crenshaw, for one, wasn’t impressed:


Nonetheless, folks these days want to be “empowered” by feeling “seen.”

And if you can’t see yourself on the walls of offices — the reasoning must go — you’re not included.

The Navy’s out to change all that.

Amid the emails, ONI’s chief of staff encouraged officers to suggest anything that may “make everyone at ONI feel valued and welcome through displays and/or artwork.”

In its torpedoing of exclusion via interior decoration, let’s hope the Navy finds just the right things to hang.



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