'White Rage' Is All the Rage as CNN Host Shows the Memo Has Gone Out

Brianna Keilar and Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) (Credit: CNN)

Apparently, the new rage with the liberal media is “white rage.”

I touched upon it earlier in my piece on Greg Gutfeld’s monologue and his takedown of Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley’s usage of the term and CRT. Milley said he wanted to understand the term, indeed understand it in the context of the Capitol Riot which he was clearly attributing to “white rage,” despite no evidence that the rioting had anything to do with race.

This is our Chairman of the Joint Chiefs saying this and that should concern us all. Because there’s a demonizing going on here, not just on the basis of politics, but race as well. And it’s disturbing that there’s clearly an effort to insert both race and politics into the military in a way that could be very harmful and hurt our readiness to deal with military threats.

But this isn’t just Milley pushing this term. It’s a term that suddenly seems to be taking off in usage in liberal media, in part, as I said, to put a further demonization on those who rioted at the Capitol but to also attack in general people on the right.

Listen as CNN’s Brianna Keilar tries to get Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) to affirm the term, asking wouldn’t he call what happened at the Capitol “white rage?”

No, I would call that ascribing a racist term to the actions. That’s racist. Not to mention there were folks there who weren’t white, like John Sullivan who was charged. What did many of the people being white have to do with anything? This is troubling stuff when you get “journalists” doing racist things like this. She’s also just a small step from demonizing the military there as well in her comments. We’ve already seen that leading to rooting out “extremist” (by whose definition) thought in the military. Waltz doesn’t fall for it and doesn’t go there, while still condemning the actions.

But Keilar shows that the memo has gone out.

Tom Elliott of Grabien media posted that clip and also has recorded the sudden explosion of the “white rage” term by media.

At what point did it become acceptable to demonize people based on race? Isn’t that what we’re supposed to be fighting against?