Media Goes Gaga Over Biden's Ice Cream

Media Goes Gaga Over Biden's Ice Cream
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We know that a lot of the media are all-in to promote what they can about Joe Biden and downplay any negative. Whereas when it came to President Donald Trump, everything was turned into a negative.

Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life we see every day when we’re covering the news.

But it’s hard to get a clearer example of that when media was covering Biden’s trip today to Cleveland and they asked him what ice cream he had ordered when he went to Honey Hut and got a waffle cone.

Biden responded, “Chocolate chocolate chip,” to which the gaggle audibly went: “Aaah.”

Check out those journalists asking those tough questions. This is news. Apparently asking about ice cream was more important than asking about the border, rising inflation, rising murders, or the rest of his insane spending plans. How about that bald-faced lie he told about not knowing anything about his son’s business, while meeting with Hunter’s business associates? Or even his incoherent ramblings during his event at the Manufacturing Technology Center at Cuyahoga Community College Metro Campus in Cleveland?

When the media covered Biden ice cream eating during the campaign, the Huffington Post assured us that this was part of his “self-care” regimen.

How did they cover President Donald Trump eating ice cream?

CNN seemed to spend a lot of time, dinging him for his affection for ice cream, even noting how many scoops he got and calling the second scoop “executive privilege.” They also went after his Diet Coke habit, asking if that was “normal”? Nothing was said about “self-care”; there were no “aahs” to be had.

CBS News White House reporter:

But while they were asking him tough questions about ice cream, a reporter did ask about what he thought about Republicans voting to block House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s commission to look into the Capitol riot. Listen as they tee up a softball for him, “What is your message to Republicans who are prepared to block the January 6 commission?” His answer is still weird and wrong.

First, he said his message was “Eat some chocolate, chocolate chip.” Then, when pressed, he said he didn’t understand how anyone could not vote for a commission for the “greatest assault, since the Civil War, on the Capitol. But at any rate, I came for ice cream.”

Now there are all kinds of reasons not to vote for a commission, not the least of which is that there are already a boatload of investigations underway going to great lengths, so it’s unnecessary. But on top of that, it’s not going to be an independent entity but a Democratic hammer with which they intend to try to beat the Republicans over the head, regardless of the truth.

Moreover, Biden seems to be forgetting a lot of history of the Capitol in the process.

In 1954, four Puerto Rican nationalists pushing for independence got into the House gallery from where they shot at the House members on the House floor while they were debating an immigration bill. It was truly a political assault on the country. They wounded five members of Congress including Rep. Alvin Bentley (R-MI) who was hit in the chest. They received long sentences, but then Jimmy Carter commuted their sentences.

In 1915, a former Harvard professor blew up the Senate reception room in an anti-war effort. In March 1971, the Weather Underground set off a bomb in a bathroom on the Senate side of the Capitol. Then there was the bombing in November 1983 by the May 19th (M19) Communist Organization that blew up in the Capitol’s north wing. Fortunately, no one was hurt in these incidents.

In 1998, however, Russell Weston went into the Capitol, and shot and killed two Capitol Police officers.

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