'Nonbinary Gender Affirming' Doctors Offer Sexual 'Nullification' Surgery

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Have you ever wanted to be smooth?

“Down there”?

Have you been envious of unclothed dolls, pining to be as pelvically perplexing?

As genitally generic?


As netherly neutral?

If so, San Francisco’s Marin Health is a call away.

The Bay area healthcare enterprise offers a procedure called “Nullification.”

It’s for those who consider themselves neither male nor female, and it does what you might expect.

But the place is no one-trick pony; no matter your needs, you won’t have to hold your horses.

Marin’s services are vast.

You’ve likely heard of “Gender Affirming Healthcare” — a “sex change,” so far as cutting’s concerned.

If that’s what you’re after and you stumble onto Marin, a slice of life’s fallen into your lap.

Pick between “Female to Male” and “Male to Female” Gender Affirmation.

But for those wanting less black and white and more grey, the “Nonbinary Gender Affirming” options are plenty…

  • Top Surgery: To create a chest with appearance customized exactly to your preferences (chest contour, incision types, nipple position, areola size, and presence or absence of areolas can all be chosen).

Hold your nose (and other parts) — we’re about to dive deep:

  • Orchiectomy: The removal of the testes through an incision in the scrotum, which eliminates testosterone and the need for androgen blockers.
  • Scrotectomy: The removal of scrotal tissue; can be performed at the same time as an orchiectomy. This procedure is not compatible with vaginoplasty, which utilizes the scrotal skin.
  • Vulvoplasty/Minimal Depth Vaginoplasty: The construction of a shallow vaginal canal but normal appearing external genitalia. This may be done for patients who do not wish to have penetrative intercourse, or for patient with co-morbidities who wish to minimize surgical risks.
  • Phallus-Preserving Vaginoplasty: This procedure creates a fully functional vagina without surgically removing the penis.

For some customers, less is more:

  • Penectomy: Sometimes performed for gender non-conforming clients who simply wish to no longer have a penis, but may not necessarily seek further genital feminization.

But perhaps the most notable offering gives those wanting to shake the Etch-A-Sketch of their sexual identity a clean slate:

  • Nullification: The removal of genital structures with preservation of the urethra to allow for voiding of urine.

It’s the ultimate minimalist approach.

And it’s unsurprising — we live in an era of customization.

These days, folks need to find themselves.

As part of our sexual revolution, we’ve seen pronouns become far from fixed — any He can shift to a She; any She can turn into a They.

And with the advent of noun-self pronouns, unprecedented options abound.

You may know of…

  • Co, co, cos, cos, coself
  • En, en, ens, ens, enself
  • Ey, em, eir, eirs, emself
  • Xie, hir, hir, hirs, hirself
  • Yo, yo, yos, yos, yoself
  • Ze, zir, zir, zirs, zirself
  • Ve, vis, ver, ver, verself

But there’s also

  • bun/bunself
  • kitten/kittenself
  • vamp/vampself
  • prin/cess/princesself
  • innit/innits/innitself

With so many gender identities, a host of crotch configurations would only make sense.

Marin’s website puts it thusly:

Non-binary, and gender non-conforming individuals may have different surgical goals from the traditional male and female archetypes. Any of the above procedures can be customized and combined to help you create the body which best affirms your gender.


Gone are the days of “Men” and “Women.”

It’s a new frontier. Of new front tiers.

Our culture has disrobed, and it’s showering off the constraints of yesteryear.

We’re washing away the past, with identity’s Irish Spring.

And for those who want to be smooth, Marin can make you clean as a whistle.




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