North Carolina Public Schools Join a Racial Revolution - of the Critical Kind

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If you’ve got school-age children in North Carolina, your kiddos are about to get an educational upgrade.

In history, that is.

And race.

On Thursday, the state’s board of education passed a new set of standards for K-12 history class.


The new approach: critical race theory.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

As part of the newly approved standards, second graders will learn “how various indigenous, religious, gender, and racial groups advocate for freedom and equality,” and fourth-grade students will learn how “revolution, reform, and resistance” shaped North Carolina.

The outlet notes those who voted in the new curriculum were mostly installed by Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper.

Meanwhile, opposition came from Republican Lieutenant Gov. Mark Robinson.

According to Mark, such new lessons indicate the board’s aim to “indoctrinate…students against our great country.”

In fact, Mark’s begun a petition to fight the future.

So far, it’s garnered over 30,000 signatures.

At Thursday’s meeting, the lieutenant governed asserted a great number of North Carolinians fall into two camps: those who oppose the racial revolution…and those who aren’t aware of it.


To hear him tell it, the messages therein are downright irresponsible:

“For whatever reason, there are many, many North Carolinians that were not aware of these standards. In four days, we had contact with over 30,000 people that are diametrically opposed to these standards. They have serious concerns about them. … Moving forward with this is irresponsible.”

As stated by the Free Beacon, the change began in 2019.

And some of the updates come courtesy of Black Lives Matter advocate — and board member — James Ford:

[James] thwarted a near-approval of updated standards last summer and asked to include more specific terms and name specific marginalized groups for students to study. Before the standards were revised in late January, the standards called for teaching students terms like “systemic racism” and “gender identity.”

So what will the kids be learning?

Per the Beacon, high schoolers will confront how “slavery, xenophobia, disenfranchisement, and intolerance have affected individual and group perspectives of themselves as Americans.”

Students will also “compare how some groups in American society have benefited from economic policies while other groups have been systemically denied the same benefits.”


But Mark — who, incidentally, is black — thinks it’s hogwash.

And a “disservice.”

In just a few years — and, if I may say so, in typical American form — we’ve gone from questioning a concept to establishing such as a constant without, so far as I can tell, much precipitous debate.

We’re currently told our governmental system is rife with ingrained racism.

Oddly, we’re informed of that by…those who control our governmental system.

Yet, it appears, they aren’t pointing to the precise mechanisms and/or announcing any attempt at a fix.

In January, Lt. Gov. Mark insisted such a malady doesn’t exist:

“The system of government that we have in this nation is not systemically racist; in fact, it is not racist at all. To say that this is a racist nation—that is not true. And when we write standards that point to that direction in any way, we are doing our students a disservice.”


Courtesy of the Board of Education, a new generation of North Carolinians will be taught to disagree with him.

Bonus: For any of those considering secondary education at the University of Chicago



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