Congressman: Democrats Will Continue to Call Republicans Nazis and White Supremacists - 'Every Two Years'

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You may have heard it before: America has a racism problem.

In particular, it seems the Klan has made a comeback.

And Hitler’s here all over again.


That appears to be the word on the street.

Or at least on TV.

To hear many in politics tell it, if white supremacy were a stock, it’d be shootin’ through the roof.

Do you know some of these people — those who believe the Aryan race is exceptional?

They’re reportedly hiding in plain sight.

As reported by The Daily Caller — Republican New Rep. York Lee Zeldin believes they’re going to keep being spotlighted.

At least every two years.

According to Lee, allegations of racism have become the electoral approach of choice for Democrats.

Speaking on Fox News program Sunday Morning Futures, he indicated Democrats are — as of late — laying it on thick.

They’re in move-makin’ mode, and they’ve caught a flare for the dramatic.

For example, Lee has a theory: The Donkey Party’s keeping fences at the Capitol as an arrow pointing to the treachery of Trump:

“They have no problem with that labeling, and here they want people to ask themselves, ‘Why is there still barbed wire around the Capitol?’ And they say, ‘Well, let me tell you about all the people that voted for Donald Trump. And what happened inside the Capitol on January 6th.’ That’s what I think it’s about.”


He even called the National Guard — still stationed in Washington — a “prop”:

“At this point, it feels like it’s about props, politics, and power. There’s a narrative that Democrats want to push about Jan. 6, and it representing 75 million voters of Donald Trump.”

Democrats certainly aren’t displaying particular restraint.

As you know, on January 13th, the House voted to enact a 2nd impeachment of Trump.

The last one involved stealing the election on behalf of Russia; this time around, it’s insurrection.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi told reporters last week Congress is currently threatened by an “enemy within.”

She wasn’t likely referring to the House Democratic Caucus.

The Speaker said there’s great need for supplemental security, given “members of Congress that want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of Congress.”

She also offered more on insurrection:

“This is very, very important. It shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t be that, not only is the President of the United States inciting an insurrection, but keeps fanning the flame, endangering the security of members of Congress to the point that they’re even concerned about members in the House of Representatives being a danger to them.”


If she’s right, something certainly needs to be done.

Back to Fox News, as for racism, Lee seems sure America will continue to get informed of the GOP’s bodacious bigotry — each election cycle:

“Every two years when there’s House races, they’ll call opponents white supremacists, extremists, Nazis.”

Winning strategy?

If it’s not, they’ve wasted a lot of time.



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