CNN Reporter Praises the Objectivity of CNN and MSNBC, While ‘Fox Is Spinning Its Own Reality’

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Are you sick of people on the news spinning a different reality?

I’m talking, of course, about Fox News.

Compared to MSNBC.

As described on CNN.

On Sunday’s installment of Reliable Sources, Brian Stelter and the crew got real about getting fake.


In case you didn’t hear, Fox News Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt recently penned an op-ed the Los Angeles Times.

Its title: “I Called Arizona for Biden on Fox News. Here’s What I Learned.”

Turns out, Chris is no longer with the network.

Official reason: A restructuring.

In the article, he hailed the heroics of journalism:

The American news business is chockablock with the stories of heroic (and sometimes underhanded) efforts to beat the competition and get the news to an information-starved public.

In my career as a political analyst and, until my firing last week, an election forecaster on the decision desk at Fox News, I have always been with Brooks. I wanted to steam downriver as fast as I could to be first with the news to beat the competition and serve my audience.

Back during the election, Chris early-called The Grand Canyon State for Mr. Joe.

[I] was proud of our being first to project that Joe Biden would win Arizona, and very happy to defend that call in the face of a public backlash egged on by former President Trump. Being right and beating the competition is no act of heroism; it’s just meeting the job description of the work I love. But what happens now that there are almost no physical limits on the getting and giving of the news?


First, schmirst:

Being first with the account or images of major events is a thing of scant value now. What one outlet has, every outlet will have, usually within seconds. Indeed, being first can prove to be a commercial disadvantage.

The former editor seemed to slam opinion hosts. Sounds like they’re paid to pander:

Ratings, combined with scads of market research, tell them what keeps viewers entranced and what makes them pick up their remotes. It’s no different from the pressure online outlets face to serve up items that will generate clicks and steer consumers ever deeper into the maw of “you might be interested in” content.

Whatever the platform, the competitive advantage belongs to those who can best habituate consumers, which in the stunted, data-obsessed thinking of our time, means avoiding at almost any cost impinging on the reality so painstakingly built around them. As outlets have increasingly prioritized habituation over information, consumers have unsurprisingly become ever more sensitive to any interruption of their daily diet.

Back to CNN, host Brian opined on the opinion piece:

“He says, ‘The rebellion on the populist right against the results of the election was partly a cynical knowing effort by political operators and their hype men in the media to steal an election or at least get rich trying.’ I read through this op-ed looking for words like ‘Sean Hannity’ and ‘Jeanine Pirro,’ looking for names of Fox stars who were guilty of this. Maria Bartiromo, Pete Hegseth. None of their names are in the op-ed. What’s going on here?”


Guest (and CNN Senior Media Reporter) Oliver Darcy posed the possibility Chris “has some sort of agreement” with Fox not to name names.

And he contrasted what Fox does with their opinion hosts with that of MSNBC.

In case you were wondering, there’s no comparison:

“[Y]ou know, to equate what MSNBC does or some of these other outlets do with what Fox does is nonsensical. There are outlets that have opinion hosts, but they’re playing in the real world, in the world of facts and reality. And Fox is spinning its own reality. So to suggest that there is an equivalence between the two, I think, is not accurate and something we should really be careful to avoid.”

Therefore — if I understand correctly — if you want precision, if you’re looking for objective facts…go CNN and MSNBC every time.

For those of you addicted to narrative-free news, here’s some atonal heroic heroin for the network needle in your virtuous veins:

Despite substantial societal shifts, thank goodness we’ve still got a few channels left that don’t choose a side.


All hail the No Spin Zone.



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