Schoolin' All You Straight, Sorry Saps: California Professor Says Heterosexuality's 'Very Tragic'


Have you ever been in a tragic relationship?

That is to say, a heterosexual one?

According to a University of California-Riverside professor, the two are one and the same.


As reported by Campus Reform, Jane Ward works in the area of Gender and Sexuality Studies.

She was recently spotlighted in an article at

The headline:

“Why Heterosexual Relationships Are So Bad for Us, According to a Sex Researcher”

Jane’s not only a teacher, but an author.

Her book: The Tragedy of Heterosexuality.

To Insider, Ward explained that straight guys and gals ain’t so into each other.

From the sound of it, it might be the fellas’ fault:

“It really looks like straight men and women don’t like each other very much, that women spend so much time complaining about men, and we still have so much evidence of misogyny.”

To be clear:

“From an LGBT perspective, [being straight] looks actually very tragic.”

Some people do have an awful time of it — that’s for sure.

Campus Reform notes the Insider article “cites an uptick in divorces and relationship problems among straight couples” over the last year in particular.

To hear Jane tell it, the obnoxious nature of man-woman relations is clearer than ever, courtesy of COVID.


“I think in some ways, the pandemic is revealing the tragedy of heterosexuality to people who might not have otherwise paid attention to it.”

As indicated in her book, Jane feels for her straight-girl pals:

“I find it depressing to see what my straight female friends put up with regarding treatment from men. I really sympathize with these women, but at the same time it makes me feel alienated from them.”

More from Campus Reform:

Ward…reasons that gender reveals and weddings are disasters in the heterosexual dynamic due to incidents like wildfires and coronavirus outbreaks. Ward insists that another “tragedy” of heterosexuality is that straight men are pushed to objectify women.

Ward describes a “misogyny paradox” that she claims leads straight men to struggle to respect women, says that men are seen as “more masculine’” when they objectify women.

What’s wrong with men? Well, for one, it’s too bad they can’t understand equity’s okay:

“I think that if men could recognize that equity and feminism are actually really central to a healthy and happy relationship, if that’s something they want, then they might be able to move further in that direction.”

So why exactly did Jane write her book?

Campus Reform asked.

Via email, she laid it out:

“I wrote this book because I love straight people, and because the research on heterosexual marital satisfaction over the life course shows that straight couples are struggling to balance work and family obligations and this leads to frustration and resentment for many straight women, in particular.”


If you’d like to learn more from the professor, you’re (white?) privileged to take her courses.

Per Jane’s website, she offers classes in “feminist, queer, and heterosexuality studies.”

Maybe some of you heterosexuals should sign up.

Perhaps with a bit of education, you can turn that tragedy into something triumphant tolerable.

May God have mercy on your defective souls.



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