In Light of the Presidential Purge, Greg Gutfeld Joins the Crew of Conservatives Canning It on Twitter

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The world is spinning faster these days, and social media’s about to sling into space.

Which is to say, sites such as Facebook are home to some humming-along changes.


As you’re no doubt aware, Twitter recently suspended President Trump’s account.

Their claim: He incited violence.

Meanwhile, as pointed out by RedState’s Nick Arama and the New York Post, some suspect Twitter’s position may be partisan:

Since the presidential put-down, others on the Right side of the aisle have reportedly been removed.

But beyond that, some are signing off voluntarily — in protest of the purge.

Count Fox News host Greg Gutfeld among ’em — he tweeted on January 2nd a resolution to fly away from the Bluebird:

But then the ante got upped.

As reported by The Daily Wire, “On Saturday, after Twitter had banned the President and seemingly began purging the followers of conservative accounts, Gutfeld returned for a final sign-off.”


The guy seemed fed up.

Here’s how he spotlighted the fat lady and gave her a song:

“Okay, this IS my last tweet: CNN tries to get FNC banned. Apple targets Parler. Publishers dump writers. Music labels drop artists. Twitter bans/removes thousands. Tech companies join hands. This redefines who the true rebels are. If you like the purge, you’re the servant.”

Fox News notes something funny’s been happening in the Twitterverse in terms of followers of conservative accounts:

Fox & Friends co-host Pete Hegseth on Saturday described it as “something of a purge” that might have taken place, as thousands of users disappeared from the platform. Hegseth also suggested that the move might have come after the Georgia Senate runoff results earlier this week, not just after Trump’s account was permanently suspended.

The exact reason for the shift in users is not known, but it could be that users have voluntarily left the platform along with the President. Fox News reached out to Twitter for comment on the drop in users and was referred to their support page. A follow-up request was not yet returned.


The platform’s suggested drops are the result of routine operations, but that doesn’t explain a sudden plummet for those of the same ideological bent.

As for an intentional exit, Greg’s not the only one to go — Fox Business biggie Lou Dobbs is ditchin’ the site, migrating to a new nest:

“I don’t believe any American should ever tolerate those who deny us freedom of speech or who would ever be so arrogant as to censor our President. I’m withdrawing from Twitter as of right now. Please join me on Parler @LouDobbsTonight God bless you and America.”

And radio host Mark Levin’s left:

“I have suspended my own Twitter account in protest against Twitter’s fascism. I ask all my followers to join me now on Parler and Rumble.”

As covered by RedState’s Mike Miller, even America’s most popular conservative radio man has 86’d his involvement: Rush Limbaugh — who’d already amassed more than half a million followers since joining in October — shuttered his account.


That’s a sizable chunk, but nothing near the President’s portion: Donald Trump had more than 88 million followers.

Will any kind of mass migration make Twitter twitch? Can conservatives canceling cause the social media king to care?

I wouldn’t bet on it, but one thing seems sure: If it can operate on IOS and Andriod, Parler’s primed for a surge in sign-ups.



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