Jerry Springer vs. Congress: Dems Dote on Twitter's Trump Suspension, Hail Our New 'Common Path Forward'

Jerry Springer vs. Congress: Dems Dote on Twitter's Trump Suspension, Hail Our New 'Common Path Forward'
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Personally, I believe in a country where everyone can express their views while all understand the virtue of such.

I believe that, not due to hope, but recollection.

I know such a place can exist, because I remember that for a long time, it did.

These days — to quote Gotye — that America may remain merely “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

We’re seeing a change in attitude toward free speech in education. On college campuses, there’s a clampdown.

Online, there’s a new normal:

More selections:

Hate Speech is not covered under the Free Speech amendment.”

Hate speech is also not protected under free speech.”

Not only is hate speech not covered under freedom of speech…”

And in case you were wondering:

It’s a sense that’s increasingly common, and that appears to even go for those in government.

Speaking of, you’ve surely heard — the President’s been permanently banned from Twitter:

And as noted by The Daily Wire, some top Democrats are dazzled.

Senator Joe Manchin expressed gratitude to the social media giant:

“Thank you @Twitter for taking this action. We must come together as a country to heal and find a common path forward.”

Does that add up?

Other big names counted the kibosh a blessing.

California Rep. Barbara Lee hopes it’s just the beginning:

“Great. Now let’s permanently suspend him from the White House.”

And Hillary Clinton got to check off something from her list:

Seeing the suspension as a success, Illinois Rep. Robin Kelly called hate speech by name:

Of course, social media companies aren’t beholden to the First Amendment.

And lawmakers can tout Twitter’s turn if they wish.

But, it seems to me, such wouldn’t have occurred in the recent past.

There’s a changing of attitudes, and it’s reached its way to the top, espoused by those who have very real power over our laws.

In the 90’s, there was an episode of The Jerry Springer Show in which a rather terrible guest appeared.

The man said awful things.

In Jerry’s “Final Thought,” he stated that he was disgusted with his guest’s ideas, but that he himself would “fight to the death to defend” his right to say them.

That was Jerry Springer, around 25 years ago.

This is Congress, tonight.

I’d call that quite a change.

And one that — very likely — is going to change life for us all.



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