CNN Calls Tucker Carlson a 'Parasite' Over His Coverage of Chaos at the Capitol

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Tucker Carlson has a lot of fans.

Not one: CNN’s Brianna Keilar.

As you and everyone you know are aware, Wednesday saw unprecedented events at the Capitol.

On Wednesday, RedState’s Nick Arama shared Tucker’s response:

“The only reason this country is rich and successful is because, for hundreds of years, we’ve enjoyed a stable political system. And the only reason that system is stable is because it’s a democracy. It responds to voters. Democracy is our pressure-release valve. As long as people sincerely believe they can change things by voting, they stay calm. … They talk, and they organize, and they vote. But…if people begin to believe that their democracy is fraudulent — if they conclude that voting is a charade, the system is rigged, and it’s run in secret by a small group of powerful, dishonest people who are acting in their own interests — then God knows what could happen. Actually, we do know what could happen. It’s happening right now.”


During Thursday’s program, Tucker called out CNN: He claimed his former network had “unveiled a Soviet-style enemies list to make it a little easier to find all those Trump supporters and then destroy them.”

Here’s more:

“The insurrection at the U.S. Capitol? It wasn’t insurrection. It was a political protest that got completely out of control, as we said before, because the President recklessly encouraged it, and that is wrong. But it was not an insurrection.”

Brianna begs to differ.

On Friday, she insisted Tucker’s “having a harder time” understanding that “insurrection” was the proper term.

Furthermore, she said, it was “sedition” “incited by the President.”

The dictionary even made its way into her dig:

“Don’t take his word for it. Don’t take mine. It was an insurrection. Take Merriam-Webster’s word for it.”

“Since this guy pretends not to understand big words in a truthful context,” she continued, “let’s use pictures.”

The host exhibited images of the chaos.


“This was an armed uprising. They were armed with anything they could get their hands on, and that included guns and other weapons, which the D.C. Police chief said were recovered from the capitol complex.”

As noted by The Daily Caller, some of those instruments — per resigning Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund — were “metal pipes” and “chemical irritants.”

Brianna was armed with her own weaponry — words.

She condemned Carlson for his take on systemic racism and white privilege, and asserted it was “fantastical” to believe non-white people would be treated as those Wednesday were.

As I covered earlier, Joe Biden apparently agrees:

Brianna was on a tare against Tucker, also slamming his arguments against the removal of Confederate monuments.

“He said, quote, ‘A country is the sum total of its history, good and bad.’ He said, quote, ‘Eliminating the past leaves us unable to say who we are.’ Well, he’s trying to eliminate the present, and he is spoon-feeding it to millions of hungry viewers who tune into his show.”

Ready for the big guns?

Brianna was:

“‘Healthy societies do not destroy their own history,’ he said last summer. But what he didn’t cop to is that he is part of the illness, a propagandist, a liar, a parasite.”

In case you were interested:

insurrection: an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government

Also, courtesy of Merriam-Webster:

parasite: something that resembles a biological parasite in dependence on something else for existence or support without making a useful or adequate return

Off whom is Tucker living?

No word on that, but as for where, Brianna revealed his coordinates: “Planet Fox.”

In a way, she’s not wrong: Given that Tucker’s show is the most watched in all of cable news, for many voters, CNN is a world away.

Apropos, to bring Joe Biden back into things, the president-elect has called for a coming-together:

Across the board, it appears we’re off to a rocky start:



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