You Won't Believe This Watch Company's Political Ad

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Once when I was a kid, I bought some batteries for my Star Wars Han Solo pistol.

And I had no idea what political party the battery-maker (or Star Wars) endorsed.


These days, such purchases are fewer and farther between, as corporations have risen to the challenge of covering America in politics like snow draped the planet Hoth.

But I bring you a video the likes of which you surely assumed you’d never see.

In our current climate, it’s a newsworthy notable.

You’ve peered into product promotions bringing home messages of various sorts:

But you haven’t encountered one like this.

It’s an overt act, with potentially punitive results.

The kamikaze culprit: a jewelry company.

Egard Watches has certainly gotten some attention with its liberty-lovin’ ad, which could easily be mistaken for a conservative commercial.

Scratch the word “mistaken.”

The three-minute baffler boasts a tone not too dissimilar to Gillette’s “toxic masculinity” take:

And it features Nancy Pelosi, Beto O’Rourke, and Don Lemon.

Bonus: Nazi references.

Surprise: They’re not aimed at conservatives — at least not in terms of the takeaway.

Egard plants its foolhardy feet: Rather than racial identity ruling as king of categories, the clip claims “all of us are defined by our individuality…created under God as divine and unique.”


Another noteworthy notion:

“Freedom, despite all its greatness, can be taken in an instant…freedom is worth fighting for.”

And what is freedom?

“[It’s] more than a moment, more than a single actions, freedom is greater than any single idea. Freedom is everything.”

It ain’t your typical mainstream marketing.

So how are Egard’s watches?

Well, some look like this:

The company even released a “Thin Blue Line” model:

write-up on the watchmaker features photos of Hollywood celebrities such as Jamie Foxx and Jeff Daniels bearing its bodyclocks.


One curious quirk: You can “customize your own” timepiece by choosing a case, dial, bezel, and strap via the website’s Watch Builder.

To be clear, this article is no endorsement of Egard’s offerings, and I have zero experience with them.

But the ad is audacious.

Let us all know what you think:

And by the way, it’s not the company’s first idealogical endeavor.

In 2019, it responded to Gillette’s tackling of toxicity:

Bold move, Egard. But according to the culture — though you make watches — you’re behind the times.



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