Twitter Is Cool With 'Inciting,' When It's Against Trump, Check This Kathy Griffin Tweet

Twitter Is Cool With 'Inciting,' When It's Against Trump, Check This Kathy Griffin Tweet
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Twitter has booted the leader of the free world off of its platform, supposedly for “inciting,” after a request from Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) to suspend him in the wake of the Capitol protest. Trump did not call for any violence and indeed called on people to be peaceful. But the Democrats and media don’t care about that fact and are off to the races to consolidate action against him and indeed against anyone who dared to say they would object to the electoral count.

Meanwhile Twitter is still allowing the CCP, Iran and all kinds of actual threats or “inciting” language/actions on their site, including from folks on the left.

Remember that bloody head Kathy Griffin posted? Well, she’s at it again.

If you notice there’s a tweet she was responding to that’s blocked out now. That’s because she was tweeting at the president whose account is now banned. He’s banned permanently when he told people to be peaceful and she’s still there, waving his bloody head around to her 2.1 million followers. Apparently, it’s just fine with Twitter, now.

Of course, Griffin isn’t the only example. One of the few things that seems to be allowable is inciting against the president and/or encouraging leftist riots.

Remember when Kamala Harris encouraged the BLM protest/riots, saying they were never going to stop. She even tweeted about donating to the rioters bail fund along with 13 Biden staffers. She’s still on Twitter. More than 32 people were killed, billions of dollars in damage, hundreds of police were hurt in the BLM/Antifa riots that still continue to this day.

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