Joy Behar Says She's Crazy Because Trump's 'Winning' - So Crazy, She Compared Him to OJ?

[Screenshot from The Daily Wire,]

[Screenshot from The Daily Wire,]



On Friday, Joy Behar admitted something: She’s crazy.


The reason? Trump’s winning.

The impeachment spectacle was special indeed: The Democratic Party decided it was worth losing arguably its best candidate to face Donald Trump — former VP Biden — in order to strike at the President with an attack that was absolutely guaranteed to fail. The GOP owns the Senate, and there was never a chance the upper chamber would convict one of their own — given the charges leveled and the circumstances surrounding them.

They knew — they had to know — that in the end, nothing would be different.

Except the amount of mud covering Joe.

For some reason, they persisted — to waste untold millions in tax dollars. And in the process, push Pause on the jobs they’re paid to do.

Also resultantly, a phenomenal waste of time and resources has been spotlighted, Nancy’s torn the speech, and a lot of people are turned off. And still he sits — Donald John Trump, at the large, famed Resolute desk.

The entire venture was a loser.

So Trump’s winning.


And on Friday, Wednesday’s acquittal was hitting one red-headed co-host of The View particularly hard.

But she made sure we’re all clear on what that whole “acquittal” thing means:

“[B]y the way: Acquittal doesn’t mean you didn’t commit a crime. Three words: O.J. Simpson.”

She’s not wrong. Does it also mean that when someone’s convicted, that also doesn’t matter? So if the Dems had won, it’d still mean nothing? Case in point: Richard Phillips was acquitted more than 45 years after being found guilty.

Either way, Joy got annoyed by her earpiece and pulled it out.

“I mean, he’s winning, because I’m getting nuttier and nuttier.”

In my opinion, those who dislike President Trump would do much better to show policies different than his to be superior.

Beyond that, the Democratic Party would get much more for its money (and ours) by putting forth a candidate worth voting for — so much that they’re actually elected.

But maybe that’s just nutty.

It’s all making Joy Become Crazy. Or, B.C.


That’s Bravo Charlie:




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