Joy Behar Hopes Elizabeth Warren Puts Bernie in a Headlock During the Debate, and We May All Be Deported



Joy Behar’s jonesin’ for some solid gold entertainment during Thursday night’s Democratic debate in Houston.

Amid discussion on The View, the outspoken lady made quite a statement involving everyone’s favorite rich uncle, Bernie Sanders, who Joy’s previously complimented as “cute.”


The host’s also apparently a bit of a WWE fan; who knew?

As reported by Fox, Behar’s ready to rumble:

“It’s getting a little boring to me. I would like to see Elizabeth Warren put Bernie [Sanders] in a headlock. I really would enjoy that.”

Thursday will be the first face-off between the two, so anything goes.

My personal prediction: Everyone will make fools of themselves trying to one-up each with increasingly absurd positions.

I believe I gave an example of this previously… Oh, yeah — yeah, I did. Here we go:

In the skirmish, we’re sure to see what will appear as goofballs making more and more absurd statements about illegal immigration, given the Dem platform going the way of no borders to the United States of America.

Buckle up for buffoonery.

“Illegal immigrants are good.” “What?! They’re GREAT!” “I think illegal immigrants are the best!” “They’re what America wants!” “Wants?! No, needs!” “They’re better than Oreos!” “No, they’re better than double-stuffed Oreos!” “How dare you?! They’re better than 500 double-stuffed Oreos!” “They’re better than a million-gajillion triple-stuffed Oreos!”

I can’t fully express my disappointment to have grown up only to find that adults’ behavior is far, far, far more stupid than I could’ve ever imagined.

But Joy doesn’t want that. She made it surprisingly clear:


“I love Elizabeth Warren very much and I think she would make a really good president, but I don’t believe…this country would vote for her because of two things. Number one: She believes in Medicare-for-all without private insurance and — I’ve said before — American’s don’t like you to take anything away from them. We like having that. … She needs to take that out and say, ‘Well, you can have it if you want.’

“Democrats want legal immigration. They want people to come in legally — the way we’ve done since this country began. … And I think that those things need to be clear. Otherwise, Elizabeth is not going to capture the heart of the heartland.”

Wow. I believe she’s right.

Pocahontas has been catching up with frontrunner Joe Biden. She’s got a shot tonight to take the lead.

But she may be tempted to give in to my Oreo scenario above — Joe’s comin’ out with his woke guns blazin’: Just a couple weeks ago, he claimed illegal immigrants are even more American than many Americans (here).

Therefore, what we may hear tonight:

“Illegal immigrants are more American than all Americans.”

“Illegal immigrants are more American than George Washington.”

“Only citizens of Mexico should be declared American.”


Fasten that seatbelt, my fellow non-countrymen.



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