Melania Trump: I'm 'Angry' Over the Media's Abuse of 12-Year-Old Barron



In the second part of her interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity Thursday night, Melania Trump expressed her anger over the media’s treatment of 12-year-old son Barron.


Sean brought it up:

“Even your young son has been brought into [the employment of fake news] at times. That doesn’t — that would make me angry. Does that make you angry?”

She noted her frustration at the shameful use of a child in the left-wing press’s war against her Republican husband:

“It does make me angry. Because children should be off limits, and I protect him and I want to give him (as) normal (a) life as possible. This is not normal life. But I like to protect him and give him the childhood that he deserves.”

Still, Melania said he’s doing okay:

“He’s very happy. He’s very happy. He’s strong, he’s tough. He’s enjoying life in Washington.”

Sean also characterized the young Trump as a “respectful, happy kid.”

Hannity asked the First Lady whether Barron takes after his “outward fighter” dad or his more genteel mom. Melania said he’s a mixture of both:

“He has a soft, beautiful heart, but he’s a fighter, too, and he’s very strong.”

Barron indeed has been subject to foul treatment by his father’s political enemies, the worst (so far as I’ve seen) being featured in my very, very, very, VERY aptly-titled article, “Complete Idiot Peter Fonda Calls for Rape of 12-Year-Old Barron Trump and Naked Public Torture of Kirstjen Nielsen.”

For a reminder of what some of the “tolerant” and “anti-vitriol” Left have to offer, please take the refresher course offered by that article. And gasp at Henry Fonda’s legacy.


No president — or his family — has ever been subject to such uncivil and inexcusable treatment by the media and other political opponents as has Donald J. Trump (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and good LORD here). Yet, the “outside fighter” keeps on punching away. And he doesn’t show signs of stopping any time soon. Hopefully, his strength will distract his adversaries, so they will inadvertently leave an innocent child alone.


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