The Chevy Bolt: Fueling Innobation


Chevy Volt has had issues since its announcement as part of the modernized lineup of vehicles in late 2008, around the same time that General Motors, the parent company of Chevy, was putting their hands out looking for billions of dollars to go along with their inevitable but “special” bankruptcy.


It’s not secret how I’ve felt about those bailouts, but in case you missed it, check out the documentary I made Bankrupt: How Cronyism & Corruption Brought Down Detroit.  And if you’re so inclined you can even donate to my new project about Detroit here.

So in light of their financial troubles, it always seemed odd to have a heavily government subsidized vehicle be their flagship of change, but that’s exactly what they hoped the Volt would be.

When this was followed up with embarrassing reports of dismal sales and reports of melting batteries, it became clear that Chevy/GM needed to figure out a way to revitalize their brand if they wanted things to change.

Well, the marketing gurus came up with their answer. They boldly decided that they would make a new car. A totally DIFFERENT car. One that reinvents the brave steps they took back in … nah, I’m just kidding. They just made another electric car and slapped a “b” on there in place of the “v”.


How’s that for innovation er… innobation?

Well, after the success of my first video parodying their embarrassing situations, I saw this and thought “Hey, if they can just take the same concept and recycle it, so can I!”

Oh, and don’t forget to donate to the Detroit Project.


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