Watch Radio Host David Sirota Flip Out on Mike Rosen

This actually happened over a month ago but seems to have mostly flown under the radar.  I think it’s worth a look.  After all, it’s rare that you get the joy of seeing an established left winger completely melt down in front of an audience. No, wait it’s not rare at all actually. But definitely fun.


Such was the case when watching David Sirota, a left-wing radio host from Denver, Colorado’s KHOW radio station. He also writes for the Daily Beast and is generally speaking, a crazy person.

In other words, you’ve never heard of this winner, but his left-wing loony credentials are well established. This is a guy who, back when most of us were still amazed that websites existed, he was already helping create fake ones to create confusion in elections (which got him fired incidentally). He’s even lent his writing prowess to the bastion of liberal thought, Daily Kos and has authored a couple of books that are likely being read by an occupier on their Kindle at the local Starbucks.

So it is especially fun to watch a guy like this get unhinged (as much as one can from his starting point) throwing accusations and cursing wildly because he can’t stand that sane Mike Rosen disagrees with him on a few things.

Watch this clip from “Battle of the Talk Show Hosts” on October 28th this year and join me in pointing and laughing.



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