This Is It!

[promoted because Ben is too modest for his own good]

So its come down to this moment.  RedState readers and my friends on Twitter have helped me make it through round 1 & 2 of the Next Talker contest to win my own radio show on the 50,000 watt radio juggernaut that is WBT which on clear nights can be heard in 22 states.


I am so thankful to everyone that has helped me get this far and no matter what happens next, I’ll be eternally grateful.

But, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, this ain’t over yet.  We are now in the final round of voting for the contest.  Voting has been reset (which means even if you were awesome enough to vote for me before, I need you to do so again) and the competition is stiff.

As of this writing, I sit in 3rd place (out of the final 5) behind Ladd Lesh who sports 76 votes and Bobby Demuro who has a whopping 127 votes.  I have a respectable 66 votes and need your help to take the lead.

What I’m asking is a pain in the butt, I’ll grant you that.  WBT decided to make it so people had to actually join their website in order to pick the Next Talker.  Great for preventing cheating, but certainly a roadblock to getting anyone other than family and close friends to vote for you.

However, in the last round, a great many of you did anyway.  And this time I have Michelle Malkin throwing her endorsement behind me!


Recently, WBT had me on by myself for a half hour to “show my stuff” and let others see what kind of radio show was in store.  I hope you like:

If you like what you hear, I hope you’ll go to the link below and press the “like” button for me.

I am so thankful to Erick Erickson and for allowing me to use their website to draw attention to this contest.  And again, thank you to everyone who has worked with me to help make this dream come true.  Hopefully I’ll be able to thank you every night over the air waves.



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