Fire from the Heartland

The conservative woman is at the same time underestimated and misunderstood by the national media and leftists in general.

Often, liberals will poke fun at the conservative woman, whom they believe has resigned herself to subservience to the patriarchal dreams of conservative men.


At the RedState Gathering in Austin, TX this past weekend, I had the opportunity to view a fascinating film. “Fire From the Heartland” is a stylized look into the heart and mind of the recently awakened conservative woman referred – to these days as “Mama Grizzlies”.

From the perspective of a broad spectrum of women like Michelle Malkin, Dana Loesch & Deneen Borelli, this film tells the story of how the conservative awakening taking place across America is spearheaded by these upstarts.

I had the opportunity to meet the director, Stephen Bannon, while at the Gathering and he kindly agreed to let me interview him for my podcast.  You may recognize Stephen’s name as he also directed the award winning film “Generation Zero” which was featured on Hannity and was produced in conjunction with Citizens United.

The interview starts about 10 minutes into the show and Bannon’s commentary is both fascinating and insightful.

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You know it has to be good when liberals leave comments like these:


Seeing the images of women waving signs in protest of the ERA all I can think is “dumb bimbos”

I couldn’t help but wonder who the target audience is.  I suppose it’s white trash women whose husbands are out of work.

Professional, educated women will laugh at this nonsense.

In the interview, Stephen said his goal was to make the feminists & progressives heads explode with this film.  I’m guessing from the above comments that the mission was accomplished.

If you’d like to buy a copy of the movie (they make great gifts!) then visit their website as the film is available now! Here’s the trailer for the movie if you still need convincing.


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