President Trump's Excellent Message of Support for the Protesters in Iran

President Trump joined other Republicans on Friday in sending a message of support to the people taking to the streets in Iran.

The protests, which on Saturday morning are pushing into their third day, are for increasing the freedoms of Iranian citizens as well as over the country’s economic problems and the wasteful and horrific use of the nation’s wealth to fund international Islamic terror.


President Trump’s tweet, out there for the world and the Iranian gov’t to see, was perfectly composed.

A very well-put statement from the White House.

In addition to this public show, the State Department issued this statement.

The country is already undergoing social change. This week, police in Tehran announced they will no longer be arresting women for disobeying strict Islamic dress codes. Instead of sending them to jail they’ll be given re-education classes by the so-called “morality police.” Progress, if small.

We can only hope bigger and more fundamental change will come.


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