"Protest is Now Considered a Riot. Crowd Has Been Advised."

Overnight, the second day of protests against President-elect Donald Trump have turned violent again, resulting in clashes with police, destruction of property and more. In Portland, police declared officially the event had changed from a protest to a riot.

Vehicles were smashed by the dozens.


Stores were looted and broken into.

Protests continued in other cities, too, including Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Denver, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Dallas and Oakland. Portland was not the only site for violence, either.

A graduate student studying photojournalism at UC Berkeley was sent to an emergency room with a fractured cheekbone and abrasions after four agitators attacked him for taking photos while they looted and vandalized Oakland businesses Wednesday night.

For his part, President-elect Donald Trump called the protests “unfair.”

Much of the right is writing what Trump is saying, that these are paid protesters, but this has clearly extended beyond that into a genuine series of riots. It is simply understating the problem to chalk it up to some lame George Soros machination. Even if that was how it began, it’s beyond that, and more dangerous now, both to citizens and to the police trying to keep the peace.

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