Donald Trump Uses His Best Words to Tell Hannity About His Strong Belief In Smartness & Policying

“You’re not in love with her, you’re in love with the IDEA of her.” It’s a TV (and movies) trope. The idea it is meant to convey is that a person aspires to or desires the Platonic ideal of a particular type of person, or of love itself, rather than being in actual love or loving the actual person. It is also, apparently, the way Donald Trump looks at the presidency.


“I believe strongly in policy.” That is amazing. It is amazing, that. I’m in love with it and the idea of it.

“I believe strongly in being smart.” I believe strongly that this can’t be happening right now.

It’s beyond parody. I can’t even make an analogy, and I believe strongly in analogies. Trump has frequently been criticized for his lack of policy specifics. He makes vague promises, sometimes changing those promises to different promises, while promising they’ll be really smart and effective, without giving any specifics. “We’re going to take care of women.” Okay? “I’m going to be so good at the military.” What?

Super journalist Sean Hannity used the opportunity of this, his 42nd interview of Donald Trump, which yet again was the entirety of his show, to ask Trump about policy. Here is a paraphrase of how it went.
“You’re gonna have policies though right?”
“Oh, totally.”
“Sweet, sweet. Like, your own?”
“Word. I’m going to be an awesome policy.”
“But bro, do you NATO?”
“Policy though.”
“Yes. Plus also smartness.”


That’s not like, an official transcript? But it basically gives you feel for the entire hour Sean and Donald spent together in Pittsburgh pointedly not holding hands. Plus the part where Hannity opted not to defend or even offer a kind word for his colleague Megyn Kelly. But hey, Terrible Towel though, amirite? It was brutal.

The End.

Okay, okay fine. Here’s a clip, you masochists:

You know in a way this makes him relatable. A lot of people who are believers go through what they call “backsliding.” Maybe right now, he’s just in that phase where he’s only smart on Christmas and Easter. It’s just a theory.

Anyway, look, I believe strongly in penultimate sentences. I believe strongly in being finished with this article.


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