Hilarious from Krauthammer: How Will Trump Handle 'Nefarious' Chinese? He Can't Even Deal With AMERICANS! [VIDEO]

You may wonder why I say hilarious, given that it’s Krauthammer, but sometimes understand makes the best laugh. I laughed anyway, because it’s such a perfect question.


You know, Trump says in negotiations with the nefarious Chinese and Mexicans and Japanese, he’s going to win, they’ve been killing us, they’re so smart, but how is he going to win? He’s going to have the best people? Well, if you can’t handle the Colorado delegate selection process, how is he going to handle the nefarious Chinese?


Seriously, answer up Trump fans? How is the great negotiator going to bring some supposed business acumen to bear against foreign powers when he can’t even successfully negotiate with domestic forces IN HIS OWN SUPPOSED PARTY??

It’s way past time for people to get real here. Trump can’t even navigate the primary process. He won’t be able to navigate the Presidency. It’s really as simple as that.

Via Newsbusters


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