Senior Newsweek Writer Compares Cruz Campaign To Nazis

Alexander Nazaryan, senior writer for Newsweek, on social media Wednesday compared the Cruz campaign in Iowa to the Nazi Beer Hall Putsch in a gross Tweet featuring the Nazi swastika flag.


Image via Twitchy.

Eventually, Nazaryan deleted the tweet. He then tweeted an “explanation” for why he deleted it (but not an apology). Do note that the tweet was there for about nine hours before he finally decided he was tired of people replying to it and deleted it to save his mentions column.

The response on Twitter was definitely unforgiving. For the best tweets check out Twitchy’s post.

The left always sputters and mocks when we say there is a left-wing bias in the media, yet this kind of thing happens all the time. And anyone who knows or has been around MSM reporters knows how nearly uniformly they are on the left … and not by a little. Nazaryan didn’t apologize because to him, and to the people who hire, employ and publish people like him, it’s a valid, acceptable comparison. Ted Cruz is Hitler to them. Because he is conservative.


And of course, one of the leading contenders for the Democratic nomination is a literal socialist. Yet you don’t see any prominent journalists mocking his campaign with images of Stalin and his toadies. It’s called bias. Sorry lefties, but we’re on to you. It really wasn’t hard to figure out.

h/t Milo Yiannopoulis


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