I Vote Die. And Not Just For This Video.

I would hardly find it worth mentioning that a stupid video from stupid website “Funny or Die” is out attacking Republicans – these free campaign ads are basically the sole purpose of this un-funny website – if it weren’t for the fact that this one is just particularly annoying and un-funny, and especially for one specific line, which I’ll get to.


As a Republican, I’m an authority on things that are NOT funny. We’re the kings of bad humor.

I mean, I get what they are going for here. The idea is that the Koch brothers are lame and they would be lame enough to make a lame song like this and present it lamely. As a premise I can give it a “hm” .. as in, I acknowledge it is a recognizable area for humor. But the execution sails right past purposely terrible and lands squarely in “actually terrible”.

Sadly, I must show the video. Please still be friends with me.

First of all, jokes about Kochs are very nearly played out. You have to be good if you want it to go big. Here is an example of excellent Koch humor from the Onion. Notice how it is not lazy.

Now here are the jokes in the FOD video. “Conservatives have terrible celebrities.” “Conservatives have terrible taste in music.” “Conservatives don’t believe in climate change.”

That’s it. Those are the jokes. And the long, drawn-out effort at those jokes is embarrassing. Ha ha, they keep saying all of this is normal! And a Republican candidate agrees!! Snore.

This is issue advocacy, and that is never funny. This is part of their ongoing effort to attack Republicans over climate. Because nothing says science and truth like some lousy troll video website.


But the best thing, the best part, is that they end up making fun of themselves. They mock the Koch brothers with the line:

“Don’t believe the lies you hear, that the end of times is near.”

By the presentation, it is clear that what the Koch choir says is the opposite of true. And the opposite of that is “the end of times is near.” Got that? The end of days. Now I wonder what sort of website might host videos that make fun of the idea of end of times? The Koch Brothers website? Maybe GOP.com?

Or maybe Funny or Die?

You see, it’s only stupid when someone else does it. When climate change alarmists talk about, it’s reasonable, because they’re positive that in their case, they’re right.

So lame.


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