CNN Asks Slain San Bernardino Man's Widow If He Was Asking For It

One of the people killed in the brutal slayings in San Bernardino this week was a Messianic Jew, Nicholas Thalasinos. You may not have heard about that because there is no media narrative served by pointing it out. His particular religious belief, that Jesus Christ is his savior, is of no consequence to the sorts of people who drive the mainstream media’s dramatic storytelling.


Thursday’s coverage of the terror in San Bernardino was rife with lunacy and idiocy, and in that regard CNN had an especially banner day. But perhaps no moment was more awful or galling than when CNN correspondent Gary Tuchman interviewed the widow of the murdered, “outspoken” Christian man.

There was a way to navigate this interview that would have answered the question of whether the terrorist was specifically angry with or agitated by an evangelizing Christian without blaming the victim. Tuchman decided not to go that route, offering up instead an interview and a summary that in every way sounded like someone asking a rape victim if she was maybe dressed too provocatively or danced too suggestively.

In other words, CNN wanted to know if he was asking for it. To save some time on the transcript, here are the key points in the clip:

  • Did he evangelize with this guy Farook?
  • What has he said [about Muslims in the past]?
  • Do you think he talked to Farook about that?
  • He made a point of talking to everyone he worked with at the health department about his beliefs about being born again.

Click here for the full interview clip.

Perhaps Tuchman is just a man seeking answers or “rationale”, if you will, to give this terror attack perspective or “Legitimacy.

That Thalasinos may have professed Christian belief to the murderer is not a point of insignificance. Indeed, it is worth knowing just how little it takes to ignite the ticking time bombs being delivered into our midst by the mysterious process of “radicalization.” But that is not what CNN did here. And it is not their agenda.


If you do a search for Messianic Jew or Nicholas Thalasinos in the news in the last day, you’ll see it. This is the path to a “workplace violence” narrative, and one that fully opens the gun control floodgate that is slowly closing with ever new piece of jihadi evidence. It was a fight with a coworker. An “outspoken” coworker. An icky evangelical. Who doesn’t hate those guys? He was a bigot. Anti-Muslim. Hateful. He was a hater. Hater! Die, hater! He was asking for it!

Narrative folks. The left has theirs. The media has it. And they are sticking to it, despite any and all evidence. It can’t be terror. That doesn’t work. It was workplace violence.

And he had it coming..



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