The Most Open And Accessible Convention EVAH!

“The convention in Charlotte will be the most open and accessible in history and, no matter where you are, you can be a part of it” claims a recent email from the campaign touting their live streaming coverage (hosted by Kal Penn, squueeee!!!) which you need to RSVP for to gain access. Not only is their convention super duper open and accessible, but it is way more super duper open than that stupid other convention that took place in Florida last week, declares Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the below clip:



“Very different than the special interest funded, corporate-infused, invitation-only affair that we saw in my home state last week.” There are some things that make you wish you were a reporter. I would have followed up to her absurd comparison with a few pointed questions. Such as “Oh, so you mean the convention is open to the public?” “So there won’t be any invitation-only events during the entire convention?” But naturally, we know the answer to those questions. Of course it’s not open to the public. Of course there will be invitation-only events.

Absurd. Now, you don’t have to watch the KAL PENN!!!! version to view the convention live, as you can simply go to to catch the feed. Shockingly, you could do the exact same thing last week during the RNC. We even carried the live stream embedded here at RedState each night. What a HUGE difference!!!

Now perhaps this is a small matter, but it is yet another example of how Democrats frame things with fictions and nobody challenges them on it. DWS claims the fact that there is a festival nearby proves that the DNC is way more open to the public than the RNC’s “corporate, invitation-only” event in Tampa last week. Never mind the exclusive 1920’s themed party at Duke Mansion last night. Never mind the myriad of private, invitation-only parties, some of which will have a “red carpet”. Never mind that like any other convention, one must be credentialed to enter the security perimeter. And of course, never mind the huge list of corporate sponsors, including AT&T, Bank of America, Duke Energy, Time Warner Cable, Coca-Cola, and Wells Fargo, among others. Forget all that. The important thing is it’s the most open and accessible convention in history!! Because shut up, that’s why!


On the ground reports from bloggers present a slightly different view of the convention’s accessiblity.

Sunday, it seemed they were quite willing to do it without me and thousands of other people, as police blocked dozens of streets into downtown – they call it Uptown here — closing ramps from interstates, turning cars around.

The Washington Times also reports that the convention is “Open, perhaps. Accessible, it is not.”

The Blaze points out that the Dems seem to have no problem with ID requirements:

The stringent ID rules for journalists at the Democrat Party‘s convention seem a bit odd considering the party’s broad, alarmist stance on voter ID laws. The ID laws have drawn harsh criticism from the liberal establishment, including Vice President Joe Biden who has called the practice “voter suppression” and MSNBC hosts who’ve called the laws “racist” and “a GOP conspiracy.” But for some reason, ID rules aren’t racist when it comes to security at the Democrat National Convention.

And of course, there is the “menu” of perks and access that are available to those who have the cash to buy it.

A list of high-end convention packages circulated by the Charlotte in 2012 Convention Host Committee, and obtained by ABC News, shows that those and other perks are being offered to donors who raise $1 million or donate $100,000 to the convention’s nonprofit planning arm.

In the end, it seems the claim that this will be the most open and accessible convention in history is based on the fact that there will be some hashtags, some youtube videos, and a live stream. Wow, it’s almost like the convention is taking place in 2012 or something! I am duly and digitally impressed that the DNC will have the same features for people online that the RNC, CPAC, and most proms have!! TWITTER??? NO WAY!!!!


The most open and accessible convention in history is in fact simply conventional. Corporate money? Check. Private “invitation only” events? Check. Celebrities? Check. In keeping with the re-election campaign, the hype just doesn’t match the reality.



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