Daily Links - February 6, 2012

Today is February 6th. It’s Ronald Reagan’s birthday, and on this date in 1987, he became the oldest President of the United States in history, at age 76. It was also on this date in 1998 that Washington National Airport was renamed in his honor. Today he would have been 101 years old. Happy Birthday, Mr. President. This country sure could use some Reagan 101 today.


A Time For Choosing | Ronald Reagan
Relevant then, relevant now.

Sharpton: Obama needs to dictate to the Catholic Church | Hot Air
“This is an absurd perversion of the concept of separation of church and state. When Thomas Jefferson wrote that (it’s not found in American law), he meant that the church should not dictate to the State on law — and that the state should not dictate to the church on doctrine.”

Occupy mudbowl: What’s left of McPherson Square | Washington Examiner
Before and after photos. Quite a difference. And note, the green pre-Occupy state was paid for with $400,000 in stimulus money.

Are You ‘Them!’? | Victor Davis Hanson
“This is proving to be a Manichean administration. It sees the world in terms dark and light, of us/them, and then must create the necessary binaries to divide and demonize—so strange given this was the narrative of the Obama campaign against Bush, not so strange given the Chicago origins.”

Today’s Word of the Day comes from Luciferous Logolepsy, and will no doubt enter your daily conversation.
ranarium: noun A place for rearing frogs.


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