Malkin's err, org, whatever ... Emblem Contest

Michelle Malkin is hosting an amusing photoshop contest this evening. You see, and I know this will shock you, but Obama has come out with a gitchy, stylized, web 2.0-ish logo, or “emblem” for his economic “recovery” plan, which you can see floating cutely to the right here.


So, being the resident photoshop nerd here at Redstate, I thought I’d take a shot. Click through for the result.

So let me give you the tour. The stars have been replaced with a dollar sign, a pig (pork), the acorn logo, the Trojan condoms logo, the peace-niks’ logo, and the Obama logo. Hey, the man likes his logos.

You may notice something interesting about the web address too.

Next we have the green section. Yeah. Fruit flies doing it. I am made of class.

Lastly, we have the red field. That’s our old pal George Soros and some of his favorite money launderers.

Well there you have it, the “real” recovery logo. If you are going to enter the contest, please cross-post your entry here as well. Thanks!


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