*Update: IT WORKED!!* Help Defeat the Colorado Democrats' Extreme Abortion Bill


BOOM!!! The bill is dead! Democrats, having fully embarassed themselve with this extreme position, retreated just now and spiked their legislation. This is a great moment for the Pro-Life cause in Colorado as well as a wake up call for many independent voters. While this legislation may not have passed, voters must remember in November the depths to which the Democratic party has fallen in its quest for unfettered abortion on demand.



Local news has reported that Senator Kefalas is wavering in his support of this extreme legislation. While initially voting for the bill to get it out of Committee, Kefalas is now unsure if this legislation is the proper way to message. I have also recieved reports from sources at the Capitol that another Senator, Rachel Zenzinger, is now wavering as well.

The petition to stop this legislation has already received over 3000 signatures just this morning. Those organizing the petition hope to get 10,000 by 5pm Mountain time.

Keep the pressure on and don’t forget to call, tweet, Facebook, and email your friends in Colorado and ask them to help us stop this assault on parental rights and the unborn.

*Update Two* Just in from Twitter:





Yesterday I told you about the Reproductive Health Freedom Act, the Orwellian named legislation put forward by Colorado Democrats that would drastically expand abortion “rights” and limit the rights of parents to parent. Thankfully, and an act of providence in my view, yesterday’s vote in the Colorado Senate had to be delay when one of the Democrats became ill. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough to stop this horrible legislation from moving forward.

You can help stop this legislation today.

If you are a Colorado resident, please go here now and sign this petition. The petition signatures will be delivered to the Senate floor today. If you aren’t a resident of Colorado but still want to help us stand for the rights of parents and the rights of the unborn, tweet out this post, share the petition link on twitter, and email any friends or family you may have in Colorado and ask them to sign the petition.

Help us show the Democratic controlled government of Colorado that the people will not stand for such extreme legislation.

State Senator and former U.S. Senate candidate Owen Hill has helped rally citizens to sign the petition and will be working to stop this insane legislation in the Senate. He will need our help, as will the rest of the Republican Senators and Representatives in Colorado.


And make no mistake, Colorado is a proving ground for legislative pushes the Democrats hope will go national. If we stop them here and now, we stop them from pushing such extreme measures at the national level.


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