Colorado Speaker Claims Sexists Remarks Were ‘Out of Context’

Mark Ferrandino, Democratic Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, claims that sexist remarks made by one of the members of his caucus were taken out of context. The comments, made by State Democratic Representative Joe Salazar, sparked an immediate backlash against the legislator and the Democratic leadership via social media outlets.


Salazar’s comments, which trotted out the highly offensive idea that women are incapable of determining a threat to themselves due to their emotions, have yet to be denounced by any member of the Democratic leadership in Colorado. Instead, Salazar offered a non-apology apology which included an attempt to smear those who challenged his comments as racists.

Ferrandino, in a statement made to the Denver Post, claimed the statements by Salazar have been taken out of context. “Whatever his words may have been and however much those words are being taken out of context,” Ferrandino said. Unfortunately, the full video of Salazar’s remarks make clear that the context of his statements do not change the offensiveness of the comments.

Ferrandino, who used the comments of Todd Akin to fundraise for Democratic state candidates less than a year ago, claimed Republicans were out of touch with women after the 2012 election. “Lessons on the campaign trail over the last year haven’t been learned,” Ferrandino said in a Denver Post article with regards to Republican bills on abortion.

Ferrandino gave no regard to the context of Akin’s remarks, as ill formed as they may have been. Instead, Ferrandino engaged in a ruthless campaign to paint all Republicans with the broad brush of Akin’s comments.

The full video of Salazar’s comments has been provided by Revealing Politics so all can see the context of Salazar’s remarks.

Apparently Ferrandino and his caucus still have lessons to learn as well.


In a mailer which attacked Republican candidate Ken Summers in the wake of Akin’s comments, the Colorado Democrats claimed Summers was on a long list of politicians who “have NO CLUE what women go through.” The mailer went on to say that “Radical politicians are running around talking about what makes rape rape. It is ridiculous and offensive.”

Additionally, in his failed attempt to unseat Cory Gardner, Democrat Brandon Shaffer attempted to tie Gardner to Akin. “Cory joined Todd Aiken[sic] in voting to redefine the definition of rape” read the email sent on Gardner’s birthday.

Voicemails and emails to Ferrandino’s office, which request Ferrandino explain how Salazar’s remarks were taken out of context, have yet to be addressed.

Governor Hickenlooper will be moderating a debate on gun violence tonight, and should take the opportunity to denounce the sexist comments made by Salazar, rather than employ the hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil strategy preferred by Ferrandino.

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