Time for the Conservative Movement to Wake Up.

In 2008 Conservatism, and our nation, took a thorough beating. The reigns of power were passed on to a revolutionary cause inspired by Marx. Some may chastise me for such inflammatory rhetoric, but I don’t really feel like mincing words in this post. The current administration is filled with Marxists, this is simple fact. Proof of this was seen mere moments after President Obama finished reciting the oath of office, and more proof has flowed forth ever since.


Our cause sprang back to life in 2010, and, despite still being a tad punch drunk from 2008, we managed to wrest back control of the House of Representatives. Now, with President Obama stuck polling in the low 40’s, we have set before us an opportunity to retain our edge in the House, take the Senate, and replace the Marxist who currently occupies the White House as his useful idiots occupy various streets in our beloved land.

My fear is that this opportunity will be wasted. My worry is that our movement still doesn’t quite have it’s legs beneath it or its weight properly centered. We have not only the opportunity to have a 1980 style rebirth of Conservatism, but also a chance at putting up the wrong candidate and replaying 1976 instead.

The root of this is not an irrational emotion or a desire to down play our opportunity and ability to overcome. No, the root is that, as Burke once said, “It is sometimes as hard to persuade slaves to be free, as it is to compel freemen to be slaves.” Right now, this very moment, we have a candidate for the GOP nomination who is, by far, the biggest alpha male conservative in a generation.


He has proposed unleashing the American entrepreneurial spirit, freed from burdensome regulations, on our energy sector. He has proposed neutering the agencies that have prevented us from competing in the world market. He has proposed reforming the system of entitlements which serve to encourage sloth in the current generation and enslave future ones. He has proposed reforming our tax code which punishes success and perpetuates warfare among the classes. He has proposed binding the mischievous hands of Congress with an amendment limiting their ability to spend more than they can possibly take in, no matter what rate they try to put upon us. He has proposed ending the subversive chicane of baseline budgeting which allows a rise in the budget to be called a cut simply because it wasn’t raised as much as it was in the last budget.

Frankly, he has proposed the last 30 years of conservative policy initiatives and he has been roundly berated for it.

I understand that people were disappointed with Gov. Perry’s debut in the debates. I can also understand people having a difference of opinion on issues like In-State tuition rates and, to a degree, mandatory vaccinations for cancer causing STD’s.


What I can’t understand is the desire of some to allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good, maybe even the great. I doubt anyone could honestly make a case for any other candidate having a more conservative record of governance, a greater depth of experience, or a better record of winning elections, than Gov. Perry.

My hope is that the conservative movement will get their collective heads out of their 4th point of contact, stop with the point guard political hoop dreams, and support the best man for the job.

Our movement, our nation, and our future depend on it.

Aaron B. Gardner


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