The Watercooler ~ An Open Thread

“Journalists” on the left are becoming more arrogant and emboldened these days. So convinced are they that they are right in their views, the notion of professional objectivity when reporting on political issues is an afterthought.


In case you missed it, this video shows just how arrogant and condescending they can be. Not that we didn’t already know that.

The scene takes place in Portland, Oregon last week while the editorial board of a small alternative weekly, The Willamette Week, is interviewing four Republican candidates (the fourth one is on the phone) for U.S. Senate seeking the paper’s endorsement. One of the candidates “catches” one of the journalists writing “blah, blah, blah,…” in his notes, calls him on it and things progress from there. The confrontation begins at the 1:06 mark.

US Senate from wweek.vimeo on Vimeo.

My question is do we really need the endorsement of people who despise us this much?

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