OPINION: Bill Belichick Undergoes Relationship Scrutiny, but It's None of Our Business

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I confess, not being a sportsball guy, I didn't know who Bill Belichick was until this story started making the rounds. I don't read sports sections during my daily information-junkie sessions because I never developed an interest in sports other than (briefly) NASCAR and pro rodeo, mostly because my second cousin was on the circuit as a bull rider for a while.


But now I see there is some kerfuffle about Mr. Belichick's new girlfriend, so I looked into it, and yeah, that's some serious April/November stuff going on; he's 72, and she's 23.

My reaction is simple: "So what?"

Jordon Hudson has remained mum on the backlash surrounding her nearly 50-year age gap with boyfriend Bill Belichick — until now.

The 23-year-old cheerleader subtly defended her May-December romance with the former New England Patriots head coach, 72, via her personal Facebook on Friday.

When a critic commented under one of her posts, which was visible to the public, “gold digger with an old pedphile [sic] shame on both of you,” another person wrote back, “who are you to judge ? 

“She’s a legal adult last I checked 21 you become an adult. What is it then ?”

Some of those comments are just downright mean.

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Here's my question: Why does anyone care what these two people do? They aren't breaking any laws. Neither are in any other relationships, so there's no cheating involved. Both are consenting adults (even if Mr. Belichick is really, really adult), and both know what they are getting into. There was no grooming involved with Miss Hudson; she met Belichick while she was a college student.


TMZ reported on June 14 that Hudson had been quietly dating Belichick since 2022, shortly after he broke up with his on-again, off-again girlfriend of more than 10 years, Linda Holliday.

The pair reportedly first met, though, in 2021 when they happened to be on a flight from Florida to Boston together, at which point Belicheck allegedly signed the then-college student’s textbook with his autograph.

Let's be honest: Bill Belichick is hardly the first duffer sliding down the wrong side of middle age to connect up with a pneumatic young hottie (Hugh Hefner made a career of it), and he sure won't be the last. We can make the usual humorous observations, like hoping he has the Viagra people on speed dial, but both of these people are in this relationship for their own reasons. Nobody, despite what some might say, can read minds; it's possible that these two people genuinely love each other. Or maybe Bill Belichick is leveraging his fame and fortune to set himself up with what I will candidly agree is a rather stunning young woman, and she in turn is gaining some fame and fortune that may have eluded her otherwise.


In any case, it's nobody's business but theirs.

The famed science fiction author Robert Heinlein was noted for this advice:

My old man taught me two things: Mind your own business, and always cut the cards.

The people who are landing on Bill Belichick and Jordon Hudson with both feet would do well to heed that advice. Bear off! Leave these people alone. Their relationship is no one's business but their own.



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